I Must Be On Vacation

We have been in CA for a day and a half. We are having fun. We are relaxed. Today we visted Balboa Park and went to two museums (Aerospace & Science). We found the closest Starbucks. We strolled about the neighborhood of El Cajon. We slept late. We ate Mexican food for dinner. I had a burrito that was as big as my head and way more delicious than any I have ever had in HI. I tried to eat the entire thing (despite the WW points that would have been astronomical) but I couldn’t. We are officially on vacation. My brain is on vacation. All of the sadness and angst that I had when we were leaving HI is on vacation. The fact that I don’t have a job and am not sure what I will be doing is on vacation. Thinking about Keanu alone for six months is on vacation. Worrying about how my son will be in a new school in the Fall is on vacation.

I highly recommend vacation. I recommend being with people that you love and doing fun things. Maybe official vacation isn’t even necessary, maybe just taking a break to get away from it all is all that is needed. On second thought, maybe that is impossible, attempting to pretend to be on vacation where you are just doesn’t cut it. The only way that it works is to take yourself out of yourself. Very zen-like. I am very much outside of myself at the moment. I am on vacation. I feel good. Good and removed.

About nematomorph

Living like the rich and famous, splitting time between Hawaii and New York.
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1 Response to I Must Be On Vacation

  1. Enkhee says:

    You should come visit Sydney with your boys next time! 🙂

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