Thin Hawaii Blood

I have lived in Hawaii for over ten years. Before that I lived in Arlington, VA for like five. Before that I was briefly in NY and before that Thailand for almost two years. I have been vacationing in CA now for about three days. When we got off the plane and into the real air outside of the airport, I was freezing. It was breezy and I was in the shade and I wished I had a snuggie. I was completely unprepared for this. I had mistakenly not realized that it would be kind of cool here in CA.

Folks have told me that they thought that I would be used to this weather because I am from NY. And that I am cold because I don’t have enough fat, which I tend to vehemently disagree with. I think that in reality, my body has completely acclimated to Hawaii and its weather. I have lived there long enough to recognize the changing seasons, subtle as they are. We don’t need anything as obnoxious as leaves turning color and leaving trees or violent snowstorms to know that we have entered into a different season. It is quiet and subdued and you have to pay attentention in order to know. Loud talkers from the mainland often fail to realize that we do have seasons because they are, well, too loud.

Being away from Hawaii has already made me realize that I love it more than I knew I did. From the small things like the shakas for letting someone in to the big things like the perfectly lovely weather which we have almost all the time. If you are there now, frustrated, having a bad day, just think about the fact that you really do live in paradise. Sometimes when you are down in it, just in the grind, you tend to forget. I am beginning to remember and you should too.

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Living like the rich and famous, splitting time between Hawaii and New York.
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3 Responses to Thin Hawaii Blood

  1. Paula says:

    These are good thoughts. Sometimes we must leave a place to learn it’s the only place to be. Give yourself six months to be sure. And then be honest with yourself: Where do you belong?

  2. Jess says:

    I was only there 3 1/2 years, and I feel like I have Hawaii blood 🙂

  3. RobynT says:

    love the bit about obnoxious seasons!

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