Orcas Make Me Cry

Today we visited Sea World. I wasn’t sure what to expect at all but I wasn’t expecting the killer whale show to make me cry. I actually have a degree in Marine Biology (just like Jeremy Harris) but haven’t used it for anything in ages (just like Jeremy Harris). I have some math issues which makes science difficult. I don’t know why I was drawn to studying Marine Biology. I was never crazy about marine mammals. I never wanted to train dolphins. I wasn’t all about the manatees or the sea lions. I was happy to learn about phytoplankton and the ocean itself. Really, I just wanted to be Jacques Cousteau, working to save the ocean.

I held two jobs related to my degree. The first involved trawling for fish during NY summers and the second, determining the toxicity of discharged waste water by putting fish and shrimp in it. Sad to say but I never realized my Jacques dream. Maybe I just wasn’t motivated enough or smart enough. My love of the ocean continues and I find it difficult to live too far from it.

Today seeing the killer whales at Sea World, they are magnificent. They are beautiful and wild and huge. I found myself tearing up almost the entire show. I felt like a complete sap. I planned to attend another showing with them during the day but missed the afternoon one watching sea lions. I had mistakenly believed that there was a late afternoon show. I ended up lurking outside the public viewing side of the restaurant that allows you to view a small show while you are eating. And honestly, that was good enough for me. I really could have just watched them all day. I didn’t need rides and games or anything else, just the whales.

 The entire killer whale show is based around a “we are one” theme. It says that we are all related and that we are responsible for the oceans. I could say that it was that theme that got to me but really I had that feeling as soon as I saw those amazing shiny black and white bodies gliding in and out of the water. I’m starting to think that it was just that they were able to pull all of those old marine bio feelings out of me that have been buried for so long. Maybe if I had been to Sea World as a kid, I would be Jacques Cousteau by now. Sometimes dreams die hard. As I embark on this crazy journey, I wanted to remember how I felt seeing the killer whales so I got myself a small token, a small whale so that I remember to remember the dream.

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1 Response to Orcas Make Me Cry

  1. Paula says:

    I’ve got that same need to exist near the sea. I loved my job at Oceanic Institute. I really believed in what we were doing there. I got to write about it, so I felt I was doing my part to help the science. I had to walk by the dolphin pool/theatre to get to my office. In fact, my office overlooked the shows there at Sea Life Park. When I’d walk by in the morning, it would be just me and the dolphins. It would be the sea, the road, the yard, the tank. I kept thinking those dolphins wanted to get into the bigger tank on the other side of the road. I kept thinking that they were telling me that, looking at me sideways swimming in their endless, mindless circles…

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