Disneyland is not for the Meek

Today we spent nine hours at Disneyland and I feel like we spent nine hours at Disneyland. We made an executive decision to vacate the park before the 6:30 parade began. I am in our little hotel across the way and I am ready to drop. It is nine. Disney is really an amazing place and I thought I would share some observations.

  • A former colleague of mine mentioned via Twitter that the park was full of able-bodied folks riding around in motorized scooters and how it didn’t bode well for America as a whole. Most folks using those things seemed able-bodied, fat but able-bodied. It really, really is like Wall-E come to life. Very Disney-esque.
  • Getting into the park as soon as it opens totally rocks. We were able to get on the Indiana Jones ride first off with very little waiting.
  • Some of the little piddly rides in Fantasyland are fun. I hate to admit this but I loved the Peter Pan one. The flying pirate ship that you are in is unique and the views flying over London rock.
  • Taking small children on pitch black scary rides may not be the best idea. Small son (6 years old) hung tough for everything today. I do however sort of regret him going on Space Mountain. It was so dark the entire way. I didn’t know if he was crying, vomiting or petrified. I kept touching him so that I knew he was still there because I couldn’t see a thing. I won’t be doing that one again.
  • Despite all of the really bad things that you can eat all over the park, every place offers a “healthful” option. At lunch today, in Fantasyland, I had a salad that, well really beat some that I’ve had in Hawaii (how sad is that?) The prices aren’t great but we are paying what we typically pay when we go out. A good thing to know is that they let you bring stuff in. They check your bags but you can bring in all the water and snacks that you like. I would recommend stocking up someplace not near the park to get “normal” prices and bringing some stuff in (the family in front of us at Matterhorn had grapes and cheese balls).
  • All those little girls dressed up like the various princesses is kind of creepy. Apparently Disney will only let those 9 and under dress up. The worst one is the chick from Aladdin. She wears this belly baring outfit that just doesn’t seem right when on a small child.

Well, that’s about all for me. I am exhausted and think that I will join my boys who are both sleeping already. More adventures tomorrow.

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Living like the rich and famous, splitting time between Hawaii and New York.
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1 Response to Disneyland is not for the Meek

  1. Paula says:

    I just can’t. I just can’t. I won’t. I cannot stand what this place is built on, what it’s about. Our girls never did the Barbie thing and they were never princesses. Especially never Disney princesses.

    That said, Kid1 is strongly lobbying (you know that word, right?) to visit the Harry Potter Park in Florida. Since I hold fast that Chuck E. Cheese, Dave & Busters and any theme park are portals to hell, then we’ll step through it in Pottervania or whatever it’s called.

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