Sangria, It’s what’s for Dinner

Yes, I’m afraid it is true. I am still on vacation (I know, shockingly long time, yeah?) so it is all I can think about. Yesterday we were at Knott’s Berry Farm amusement park (the 1st amusement park, according to its sign.) Their kids’ area is Snoopy themed which is sort of cute. I ate another salad because it was the only substantive thing on the menu I could have (I think that I have eaten french fries every day of vacation and that is so wrong. french fries…my WW points would be so much better spent on wine or beer…but I digress.) The scary coasters were too scary for me so we went on the Sidewinder and dragged our poor 6 year old with us. I’m not sure if we are scarring him or not. I loved this ride. The cars sat four and spun around as you went through, super fun.

Today we thought that we could get into Disney early before the park opened. Our sole goal was to get on the Star Tours ride. They just revamped it and everyone wants in. Unfortunately the early entry was not today and despite being there well before the park opened we were in a crush of people with the same goal as ours. We ended up waiting about 15 minutes or so and the ride was good, not hour and a half wait good, but good. We used our park hopper to go over to California Adventure after lunch which is right next to Disneyland. At first I was wondering why this was the case, why they didn’t just make Disney larger but really it has a completely different feel to it. A little more edgy and a little less Disney.

One of the best things about both parks is the people watching. It is a slice of Americana that you will find no place else. We are always looking for Hawaii. We saw a big haole guy with a shirt on today that said Hawaii and when we were in downtown Disney last night Keanu was wearing his Kamehameha shirt (nephew attends) and someone yelled out to us. I think that everyone who looks like they are from Hawai is from Hawaii (not true.)

Today when we were at California Adventure we went on the giant ferris wheel (Mickey’s fun wheel-Keanu says that “he did not have fun at all & it was the scariest ride of his trip”) and chose the swinging gondolas. Some are stationary and others swing on these tracks. While we were waiting on line there were two very young, very white boys behind us. They were chatting and chatting. It was hard not to listen. They were both gay and had moved to CA from small places (one from PA somewhere). They both had lived lives where they were not accepted and could not be themselves. They talked about how “different it was here”, how much better it was and I just wanted to turn around and hug them both. Then, because we were a small party, we were placed in a gondola with a couple. They were just married (she had a button on). She was deaf and he was not. They were signing and of course you just end up chatting because, you are in a gondola on the scariest ride in the park despite its benign name. She was clearly unprepared for this. He almost ended up in our laps on the first fit of swinging. Small son was kind of freaking (did I mention that I was certain he was going to cover an entire rideful of people in vomit yesterday – it is that swinging motion). Keanu had to be medicated afterwards. It was good fun.

We went back to Disney in the late afternoon and stayed to watch the fireworks on the perimeter of the park. We were not going to do it. It was late and freezing for our poor Hawaii bodies but our son really wanted to see it. We have begun to feel the drag of reality. We know that soon, we will not only be ending our vacation, but parting ways. We have kept the sadness at bay but I can feel it, tugging at my shirt, tapping me on the shoulder. It is hard to avoid. So we stayed for the fireworks and our son said that it was the best ever. How can you beat that? It was the best ever. I don’t think we will have many “best evers” in the coming days.

Oh, and I had sangria for dinner.

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1 Response to Sangria, It’s what’s for Dinner

  1. Paula says:

    I TOLD YOU SO! I hope you have a little arsenal of HAWAII T-shirts. They are great conversation starters! Plus, if you’re looking for a kid with such a T-shirt on, it’s quite distinct.

    My favorite two sentences: “Keanu had to be medicated afterwards. It was good fun.”

    Hilariously mean streak, KC!

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