We Love Space

I have been a “townie” since I moved to Hawaii. I have lived in the same dinky one bedroom apartment in Makiki through various iterations of relationships. We have a small backyard but I do not feel comfortable allowing my son to go down there on his own as it is not fenced in. We only have one parking spot (we have two cars) and on our street parking is non-existent. If I was driving up our street and there was a parking spot, I had this almost irresistible urge to pull over and park even though I didn’t have to. My son never has anyone over because of the parking and space issues. I feel badly for him. I think that is why we do so much stuff, the zoo, festivals, museums; because we have no space where we are. We leave to find the space more than anything.

Here at my Mom’s house there is a lot of space. Her backyard is a large expanse of grass. My son has taken to running out into the yard finding a stick and attacking the nearest tree with it. He runs the stick up and down the tree which rubs off the bark and fungus growing on it. He says he is starting a fire as the bits create an illusion of smoke. Sometimes
he takes Brooke, the springer spaniel, out there with him. They run out together
as he continuously shouts out her name. It is a moment of perfect boyhood. He
finds her favorite deflated ball and throws it to her as long as she will catch
it. I have seen him hit the yard running all the way to the edge where there is
an old wooden glider. There you can see the entire bay, Orient, the lighthouse
(Bug Light) and all the way to Shelter Island. He will sit out there for a bit
and I wonder what he is thinking about.

We have already entertained guests with no worries about parking, where everyone would sit or what the kids would do. Space has given us freedom and opportunity. Space will allow us to expand socially and entertain more. Tonight space generated an impromptu ball game in the yard after dinner (the grammas and the kids). We plan on embracing our
newfound space and using it for all it is worth. I wonder if we will feel
smaller and compartmentalized when we go back to Makiki in the Fall. I hope
that we can somehow transport the magic of space with us when we do because we
are loving it (can I say that? is it trademarked?)

About nematomorph

Living like the rich and famous, splitting time between Hawaii and New York.
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