Mom is Nutness

We have been staying at my Mom’s house for a week now and it
seems like a lot longer.  I don’t really mean that in a bad way. My Mom is 68 years old and like a shark, she never stops moving. I am kind of the same way…sort of…but not really. I pale in comparison. She was up at six this morning. The first thing she did was strip
the beds and wash (warsh) all the sheets. We were out of the house by about
7:40 going into town. We went to IGA to pick up some things. I tagged along
because I wanted to go to Starbucks. I am not ashamed of this. I know that I am
unemployed. I know that I have no money coming in. I know that what I have is
finite unless I start working. I know all of this but I love Starbucks even
more than I worry about my financial situation. My concession is to only go
every other day. It is the best I can do. Mom thinks that the prices at SB are
outrageous. She made that disapproving noise that she makes when I am doing
something she doesn’t approve when I said that I wanted to go over there after
the supermarket. That being said, when we go in there she is taken in by the
wonderfulness of the offerings of SB. I think that despite the fact that she
can’t agree with the prices and she finds the choices a bit overwhelming,
secretly she really loves it. Especially the café mochas, which, if I may say,
cost more than $3.50. A price she would never pay. I picked one up for her.

Then we stopped at Sep’s farm stand (hooray for beets and sugar snap peas). When we got home she made meatloaf for dinner tonight and her yummy cream cheese bars to take to a potluck tomorrow evening. After that she got out her grooming table and groomed two of her dogs. This took about 2 hours.  While she did that I cooked beet
greens and made grilled cheese sandwiches for everyone for lunch. Then I headed
down to the beach with my son and my sister. She proceeded to mow the lawn.
This is a large lawn. It is so large that she has to put more gas in the lawn
mower mid-way through mowing. It takes about an hour and twenty minutes to do
the entire thing. Then she came down to the beach and engaged in an algae
throwing extravaganza with my son.  She actually sat down for a bit when we had a glass of wine, bread & cheese and some snacks (snack attack).

After this brief respite, she went inside and put her meatloaf in the oven. While this was cooking she filled the birdbath with water, filled the birdfeeder (she uprooted and moved this the other day because the squirrels were performing acrobatics to get into it) and she swept the patio (I had to move my feet so she could sweep under me.) It is like this
every day. Every day. Did I mention that she is 68? She says that she feels better
when she is doing stuff. She is like me on speed. She is awesome and I know
that I will never be just like her. But I am enough like her. Hopefully we will
be able to stand our sameness for six whole months.

About nematomorph

Living like the rich and famous, splitting time between Hawaii and New York.
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2 Responses to Mom is Nutness

  1. RobynT says:

    I heard about your blog from our mutual friend Trisha. My mom is also like this. It kind of stresses me out, although, like you, I think I am a little like this too. My mom would also make me feel guilty for going to Starbucks!

    • nematomorph says:

      Robyn, Your comments are much appreciated. My significant other just told me today that he is sending my Mom a $25 Starbucks card. It is like a social experiment. I am glad to hear that there are other non-stop Moms out there!
      Thanks for reading. Kim

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