New Things are Scary

I need to find some kind of employment. I have been here at my Mom’s
for a little over a week. Prior to that I was in CA for two weeks. That means
that I have been unemployed for almost a month. That freaks me out. After being
confined in the house with my six year old all day due to rain, I know (as if I
didn’t already) that I am not cut out to be a stay at home mom. Yes, I cooked
dinner and I baked bread but by the end of the day we were at each other’s
throats with no place to go. So I need a job. The thing is there are no jobs
here. OK, that is what I hear anyway. Truth is I have not yet begun to truly
look for a job. Part of it is due to the fact that my Mom is still working so I
have no child care and the car is only sporadically available for my use. I suppose
I could hit the road to see if anyone is looking for help but would I take the
small guy with me? It just doesn’t work out.

I also get the distinct impression that finding employment out here is
a lot like HI. It’s who you know. Luckily, we actually have a HI connection
going on out here in the middle of nowhere. We met Rick some years ago when he
was doing sushi at the fish market. My Aunt told us that there was a guy from
Hawaii there. Of course we had to go. We walked in and lurked in the back till
we figured out which one he was. The rest is, as they say history. We keep in
touch with Rick when we are in HI and send him boxes full of stuff he can’t get
here. He always keeps us knee deep in sushi and last year sake, when we head
this way to visit my Mom. Now he may be my lifeline to finding some type of
employment that doesn’t totally suck.

Rick is working for a high end restaurant a little way from my Mom’s. One
of the part owners is also the Chef. I googled him. He has been a judge on Top
Chef. That completely intimidates me. Rick wants me to come by this week (can I
just say that tomorrow is Thursday) to meet him. They are in need of some
administrative assistance. I think Rick got this idea because when I talked to
him for the first time he was waiting for the Maytag repairman to come fix his
dishwasher. The repairman’s window was like eight to five. I told him that I
would have waited in his house for him. I think that he found that very

So I may have to head out to Jamesport tomorrow. I know that I will
have to shave my legs and find presentable clothes (likely in one of the boxes
I mailed to my Mom.) I will have to sell myself to convince them that I am not
a boob; that I can respond to emails and inquiries. I know in my heart that all
of these things are true. I know that what I am selling is genuine and I can do
anything as good as anyone else but that doesn’t make it any easier. After
being at the same job for almost 10 years, you slip into a routine. You know
the drill. You can mitigate disaster. You know what to say and how to say it.
All of that is gone now. It makes me want to dive into bed and hide under the
covers. But I can’t so I will put on my game face with my smooth legs and lobby
for myself.

About nematomorph

Living like the rich and famous, splitting time between Hawaii and New York.
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4 Responses to New Things are Scary

  1. lavagal says:

    What’s wrong with being a boob? LOL. Eh. You can totally run the admin for them. Who knows what it could lead to? Miss ya, Sweetie! ❤ me.

    • nematomorph says:

      go to bed so you can be all fresh and perky for DC tomorrow. Are you going to the Smithsonian? Is that a ridiculous question? My favorite monument is Iwo Jima but it is in VA so unless you are going there it may not be convenient for you. Have a great, great, great time.

  2. Florence says:

    Good luck, Kim. I’m sure you are quite competent. You’ve accomplished a lot and have a very strong personality.
    I’m sure your Mom is very proud of you. Anyway good luck again!

  3. mauka-makai says:

    What the heck are you talking about, girl? You are whip smart, funny and kick ass. On top of that, you are a mom (things come up, you deal with them). Restaurant business is challenging, but also rewarding. There are vendors, suppliers, employees, owners, customers, but they are all just people. Like legislators. Just think of them as friends that you have not met yet. Same for the Top Chef judging owner. Friend that you have not met yet. (that quote from my friend Rebecca). love you. go and shave already!

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