TV Desert (not Dessert)

My Mom is a Luddite. OK, maybe that is not entirely true. She can email
you. She can watch TV. She has this thing called a mailbug. It connects to the
internet via her phone line and allows her to send and receive emails. No
attachments, no links, no photos, just emails. It works out well when I am in
Hawaii. We email almost every day. There are two televisions in the house. One
is in my sister’s room. I think that she has the full slate of channels but she
is pretty private and I have not watched TV with her (she is mostly tuned into
Mets’ games). My Mom has a TV in her room (and I would just like to mention,
that she is typically going to sleep the same time as my six year old). The
longest I have seen her watch it was last night. She tuned into some PBS show
called Doc Martin. I have never heard of this show. She loves it and calls the
main character her “boyfriend.” She says that he is so ugly that he is
attractive. I disagree. He has these thick lips and giant sticking out ears. This
show completely threw me for a loop. I kept waiting for its shtick, like
medical drama or police drama but there is none. It is just the story of this
guy, the doctor in this small town (the sight of blood makes him puke) and that’s
it. My crazy CSI and L&O stimulated brain almost couldn’t bear to watch it.
Where were the dead bodies? The lurid sex crimes? Watching this show made me
think that I clearly need to step away from the TV.

All of this means that I have not watched TV of my own choosing for
like three weeks and for not longer than one hour (six year old watched Wipeout
tonight and can I just say WTH? Hotties v. Nerds…like the show is not bad
enough). On one hand, I forget what it was that I wanted to watch. I gradually
forget that I was sort of interested in knowing who was going to win Top Chef
Masters. I can’t really forget about So You Think You Can Dance because I
follow them on Twitter and Joe has been putting all the episodes on his DVR so
we can watch them. Maybe someday.

What I really miss sometimes is whiling away mindless hours watching
reruns of Law & Order SVU or Criminal Intent (but only with D’Onofrio, I
refuse to watch those Jeff Goldblum episodes.) There is something about that
tortured D’onofrio character that really appeals to me. He is all pudgy and
gray and frequently unshaven but that just makes me like him even more. I like
that he looks like a real person. He is not all smooth and thin like everyone
else on TV. I had a conversation with a senior executive at my last job about D’Onofrio’s
character and we agreed that the reason he is so good is that we believe his character
is a representation of his real-life persona.

Maybe no TV is good for me. Before Keanu moved in with me I had no TV.
I watched like three things a year; the Oscars, the Superbowl and Merrie
Monarch. That was it. There is hope that I will fill the TV-less void with
positive wonderful things; things that will change the world, or at least
change my life. Stay tuned, definitely a work in progress.

About nematomorph

Living like the rich and famous, splitting time between Hawaii and New York.
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2 Responses to TV Desert (not Dessert)

  1. lavagal says:

    Our blogs posted nearly simultaneously! We have the TV on while in the hotel during vacation. We watch The Weather Channel and we watch The Food Channel. It’s hilarious. Right now, the girls are tucked in and are snuggled in their bed together watching Invader Zim on one of their iTouches. It’s vacation. We do different things. But IRL, we only watch what Netflix sends to our mailbox. You having fun? I hope so. We’re both doing this for our kids…mostly.

  2. Jess says:

    I don’t get to watch the shows I want to anymore either. The little one dominates my time, but I’m ok with that 🙂 They are sitting in my DVR waiting until I get a few moments to myself. I miss SYTYCD and chatting with you about it the next day!

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