Making it Work

It is no secret that our family is sad. It is no secret that my son
misses his Dad more than anything.  It is no secret that I question this move and this decision daily. From all of this you would think that there is no good in any of this. You would say, “why doesn’t she just quit whining and move the hell back to Hawaii?” I respect this and I have a good answer. And the answer is that I am getting what I came to get. My son is getting what I brought him here for. His time here is shaping up to
potentially be the BEST SUMMER EVER. Since he was born he has been in some kind
of care (from like three months). Once he began school, he was in preschool
year-round. When kindergarten started, he took summer school classes at his
grade school as well as last year post-first grade. This summer, it is a
free-for-all. He is registered for a basketball camp that runs two hours a day
for two weeks and so far that’s it.

He has spent the last two weeks helping my Mom take care of her three
dogs from walking them in the yard, feeding them, cleaning up poop on at least
one occasion and awarding dog treats (by far his favorite task). He will ask my
Mom if Brooke (the springer spaniel) can go outside with him. She always says
yes and the two of them run with abandon out into the yard. He will find her
deflated ball and throw it and throw it for her.

He and my sister have a beach routine that includes writing in the sand
with sticks, playing drums on the rocks with the sticks and sitting in the
shallow water and gasping as the small waves push the water higher and higher
against them with every passing swell. We have found water fleas, both stinging
and non-stinging jellyfish, shrimp, and hermit crabs along the shore. He has
thrown so many rocks into the water I’m surprised that there are any left on
the beach. He has had seaweed throwing wars with my mother who always jams some
down his rash guard or his into his board shorts. He has amassed a giant
collection of rocks to send to his Dad (thanks flat rate boxes!)

He has eaten “the best pizza in the world” and the other day Uncle Joe
made Star Wars pancakes (I think he ate the Millennium Falcon). We have family
dinner at the table every night. He makes his bed, brings in the empty
recycling container and picks out his clothes and dresses himself every day. He
is learning to ride a bike without training wheels. He has gone kayaking. We
signed up for cool programs at the library and the kids’ librarian, watching us
with our armloads of books has already declared, “I love you guys.” All of this
has occurred in just two weeks. While I am certain that the sadness will linger
over us, I know that we are off to a good start. We are fast out of the blocks.
We will continue making memories and wringing everything we can out of this. We
have to because we have to make it worthwhile.

About nematomorph

Living like the rich and famous, splitting time between Hawaii and New York.
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