Making the Rounds

Yesterday I put on a nice dress, found some decent shoes and headed out
to see if anyone was hiring. I will say that I have applied for the perfect job
for me. It is part time with the Board of Education here. It is two full time
days and attending evening BOE meetings. I sent them my resume on Monday but I
haven’t heard anything. Doesn’t bode well. A word about dark colored clothing
in a house full of dogs (two golden retrievers, a welch springer spaniel and a
shih tzu, the latter a temporary addition but on my lap as I write), just don’t
wear it. I put the black dress on right before I was about to walk out the
door. I pulled off a bunch of dog hair before I left and I was all good until I
stopped at Joe’s house (aka Kinko’s) to pick up copies of my resume (thanks
Joe!) and I made the fatal error of petting the greyhound. Of course Joe is
prepared for this since it is his house and he whipped out the lint roller and
it was all good.

I decided I would hit a bunch of wineries yesterday. Honestly working
with food is not something I want to do. Making it, serving it….it all sounds
kind of awful. Pouring wine, well, people are usually in a good mood,
especially depending on the number of vineyards they have already visited. All
you have to do is be chatty and pour and sell wine. I am relatively certain
that I could do that. When I set out yesterday I decided that I could only go
to vineyards where I have been and whose wine I actually like. So much for
beggars can’t be choosers. I started out at Old Field. Old Field is lovely. The
tasting room is tiny and is reminiscent of an old red barn; it may actually be
an old red barn. At the actual “bar” you could fit like four people. When I got
there, there was a couple from Massachusetts (checked out license plates in
lot) and the guy pouring was saying how there was nothing like “growing up out
here” and how he had gone away but came back and got a job here. While I waited
I checked out the paper on the wall listing the “things to do” when opening and
closing the tasting room. It had tasks on it like painting and taking
inventory. When I finally got to talk to the pourer he told me that it had been
a slow season so far (I feel like this weekend is the season kick-off) and they
had five people and didn’t think that they were hiring. He gave me the card of
the person in charge and I thanked him and set off down the road.

The next place I went was Croteaux. Forget about working at Croteaux I
want to live at Croteaux. There are chairs and tables situated around this
courtyard that screams “drink wine” but the barn is the place to be. We posted
pictures of us smooching in front of the wine bottle wall there last year. Croteaux
only makes pink wines and they are giving pink wines a good name. They are not
those cloyingly awful pinks of the past. They are crisp and delicious and come
in beautiful bottles. They are summer in a bottle and if you are on the East
End go there! Unfortunately I did not get past the front room into the
courtyard. I left my name and resume with a friendly girl right at the bar.

Next on the wine employment tour was Corey Creek which is lovely. They
have put some wooden chairs and tables outside of the main building overlooking
the vineyard. It is a place that makes you want to purchase a bottle of wine
and hang out for a while. The young girl inside told me that all of the management
and folks that I would need to talk to were at the Bedell winery, their sister
winery. I headed off to Bedell where I was told that they would not be hiring
till the Fall. I’m not sure I could wait that long.

I also visited Pellegrini where the guy with reddish hair and drooping
pants was telling someone how he would have two bottles of wine, one to
marinate his steak in and one to drink. All I could think was “way to sell it
brother”. They had an actual application form which took them a bit to find. It
is really nice there too with a large open area. My final stop was at Peconic
Bay where we were treated to a sushi spread a few years ago by our Hawaii
connection. This winery has a party feel to it. They have live music on the
weekends and a lot of tables and chairs outside on the edge of the vineyard.
The girl who gave me their very formal application was holding a banjo. I told
her that if I had to know how to play the banjo I couldn’t work there. She
joked that she was just going to take back the application then.

I really wanted to buy wine or taste wine at all of these places but
given my current financials I decided against it (money out only). I do not
feel hopeful about any of this today. It may come to the “who you know” kind of
thing where I end up relying on the HI connection to find something. It is all
up in the air. Just think good thoughts for me and go drink some wine on the
East End. You’ll be glad you did.

About nematomorph

Living like the rich and famous, splitting time between Hawaii and New York.
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  1. lavagal says:

    Is there a little newspaper there you can write for?

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