Swim, Swam, Swum

I decided last week that I would take advantage of the easy access to
the Bay to try my hand at swimming (with inspiration from my friend Paula – http://lavagal.net/.) I have never incorporated swimming as a workout before. You would think that living in Hawaii we would be at the beach all the time but truth be told we tend to be more beach bummy when we are in NY. There is a big hassle factor to the beach in HI. That sounds so lame and I know it. My other excuse is that I freeze easily. This was not the case in the past. Even in Hawaii, we are at the beach, it is hot, I think that
I should go in the water to cool off. I venture in to mid-thigh and decide it
is too cold. Hair in seawater? Never! Privates feeling the cooling sensation of
the ocean? Not happening. It is unfortunate because kids love to be in the
water with their parents. I typically elect Keanu for this duty.

Today I decided to take an experimental swim. I asked my Mom for her
short wetsuit and found a tired pair of goggles hanging in the garage. The Bay
was hopping today with power boats and sailboats, kids being towed around on
giant floats, water skiers, swimmers, kayakers and even a couple of stand up
paddle boarders (we are bummed because we were hoping to start that trend here
on the East End.) I figured if I used Mom’s wetsuit I wouldn’t freeze and it
would be easier to get into the water. Instead of trying to get it on up by the
house I bring it to the beach with me. There I am trying to squeeze myself into
this tight, stretchy, thick wetsuit out in public. I was hoping that no one was
watching through a pair of binoculars as I did wide-legged squats and other
contortions to get the thing on. It was very, very sausage like. My son zipped
all of the stuff hanging out the back into it. I was like a sleek, black seal.
I think that if I wore that thing every day I would look pretty svelte in all
my clothes. Of course I would pass out from the heat but it might be worth it.

Once I was all packed in there I hit the water and the thing does a
really good job. I grabbed the goggles and swam out. I think that I could do
maybe four or five strokes before I had to take a rest. I would just like to
say that there are some old folks who I see out there fairly regularly that put
me to shame. They wear those old school swimming caps (love it!) But I stuck to
it and managed to go about two beaches up and two beaches back with a lot of
treading water in between (this is really, really short). It sounds so completely
lame but I was pretty proud of myself. Keanu tells me that I have to take
advantage of being here so I feel like this is one small attempt for me to do
so. I plan on sticking to it all summer and who knows, by the time I come back
to HI maybe I can make it to the flag at Kaimana sans wetsuit with bathing cap.


About nematomorph

Living like the rich and famous, splitting time between Hawaii and New York.
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1 Response to Swim, Swam, Swum

  1. mauka-makai says:

    I will do kaimana with you.

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