For the Kids

The story of the Dad who fell to his death trying to catch a ball
thrown to him by a baseball player while his 6 year old son looked on is too
sad to bear. The photo of the area of the stands where he had just been before
falling with all of the adults scrambling towards the edge and this small boy
standing alone clutching his glove is heartbreaking. As a parent, you know that
the only thing on that Dad’s mind was to get that ball for his kid. He was not
thinking about himself or his own safety. He was only thinking about making his
kid happy. And he died doing it.

As parents we think like this every day.  We act like this every day. We do things to
make our kids happy, to ensure that they are safe and cared for, mostly with a
blatant disregard for ourselves. We take them to the pediatrician to ensure
they are up-to-date with exams and shots but ignore our own symptoms and aches.
We try to feed them balanced meals at the kitchen table while we are standing
up eating at the counter. We make sure their underwear is clean with cool guys
on them while we could shake ours out the window and they would fall apart. It
is just what we do. We are parents. I am in no way complaining. I signed up for
this job.

I only hope that footage of this tragedy does not get widespread play
on the internet or elsewhere. Seeing the thumbnail photo before the fall was
harrowing enough for me. In an age when the instant of a man’s life ending is
caught on film to potentially be replayed at whim, I hope that you look away.
If for no one else, for his son.

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1 Response to For the Kids

  1. lavagal says:

    So, so, sad. You can just imagine how that dad could have been talking about catching a ball to his son on the way to the field. Poor little guy.

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