Play Date

My six year old is having a play date right now. It is nice that we can
just invite folks to come over. We have parking. We have space, a large yard, a
beach and dogs. All things that six year olds love. When we were down on the
beach the boys where whaling these squishy balls at each other. There has been
no fighting and no tears. They are now playing with the lego guys and the
matchbox cars. It is a perfect day.

There was a wedding next door last night on my Mom’s birthday. It was
definitely a very hip and stylish NYC crowd. Lots of skinny ties and fedoras. I
think that the ceremony took place on the beach. We heard today that there was
a random jumping into the Bay post-marriage. The next door property does not
have a lot of space so the band was set up at the front of the house (bay side)
with tents in the rear for eating (lane side). My Mom was invited but she
decided that she did not want to attend despite the fact that I told her she
should. We sat outside in our yard instead and ate sushi and listened to the band
playing this mix of 70s and 80s music (white wedding, yeah!) All day today we
have been gifted with leftover wedding stuff. We have some tuna steaks, a giant
salad, corn on the cob, bunches of flowers, fantastic muffins and a giant SB
container full of coffee (hurray for iced coffee in the afternoon). I must
digress for a moment. Yesterday we went to the Love Lane Fair and I had my
first taste of Love Lane Kitchen iced coffee. They roast their own coffee beans
and the ice cubes are made out of coffee. I could just die! I can’t wait to go
back on Tuesday and get another.

I spoke to Keanu this afternoon and his borrowing a surfboard plans
have fallen through today. He’s got an urge to get back in the water and plans
on purchasing a long board. I think that’s pretty hot. He was a surfer guy in
the past but when I met him he wasn’t really surfing any more. I have had the
opportunity to watch him on the wakeboard behind the boat in Kaneohe Bay and it
is an impressive sight to say the least (even without the long hair). He makes
it look effortless. I hope that he is able to find a way to fill his days in
ways that make him happy, like we are (guilt, guilt).

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Living like the rich and famous, splitting time between Hawaii and New York.
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