The night before last I was awoken with the worst headache I’ve ever
had. It felt like a knight’s lance was stuck in my head through my right eye.
It was very unpleasant. I do get migraines but usually during the day with the
bells and whistles of the aura to herald its arrival. While the actual pain is
typically not bad it lays me up for about a day. I feel like I can’t do
anything. I feel like my brain is quivering and squishy. One time when my son was
very young I had a brief moment in time when I could not form words. When I
spoke, although inside me I knew what I was trying to say, it came out all
garbled nonsense words. It was scary. Luckily it was brief, did not happen
again and according to my doctor, was a side effect of the migraine. Some time
ago there was footage of a reporter who experienced the same thing, it made my
stomach hurt.

While the pain was drilling through my head, I just lay there hoping to
get back to sleep, hoping it would just go away. I was already feeling nauseous
at that point. I finally fell asleep after what felt like an eternity. When I
woke up I did not feel great but at least the pain was gone. I lay about in bed
for a while willing myself to feel better. I went through the morning,
literally with half a brain. I made a chick pea salad for dinner and later in
the afternoon almost didn’t remember doing it.
I drank a lot of water, seltzer and a bit of Gatorade. I felt better
later in the day and decided to do the Insanity workout. My brain still felt
not right and I figured if it got worse I would just stop. I was OK and I feel
like the workout helped out.

I was afraid to go to bed last night. I was afraid that I would have
another horrific headache. I was really tired from the night before. I finally
released the fear and succumbed to the night time rhythm of the house where
everyone retires by 9:00 p.m. I woke once at 3:00 but not from pain. Today I
feel better, more rested & more hydrated. I ran this morning and actually
brought some water with me. I never do that. Maybe I should do it more often.

About nematomorph

Living like the rich and famous, splitting time between Hawaii and New York.
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  1. lavagal says:

    It wasn’t the Rex Rooster?

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