Perfect Summer Days

Today was the perfect summer day. It was not too hot. It was breezy. We
had guests who came in the late afternoon; my mom’s friend, her daughter and granddaughter. The granddaughter is almost the same age as my son, the one whose first visit I previously documented because of their awkward dance in the beginning. Today
the warm up was a bit shorter, maybe because we were on the beach. They arrived
as the breeze was picking up and the tide was going out. We stayed on the beach
till early evening. The kids ended up playing “on the rocks.” The rocks are a
giant pile of boulders to the left side of my Mom’s beach looking out towards
the Bay (I know HI people, makes you cringe doesn’t it?) When I was a kid we
played on the rocks every day. We had certain ones that were designated as our
houses and boats. My great grandmother told my Mom that we should not play on
them because there were rats living in them. We never saw rats and my Mom said
that we should just make sure she didn’t know we were still doing it. The rocks
are large and can be slippery near the shore if the tide is up. Care should be
taken since the topmost are high and there is potential for various injuries. In
other words, a kid’s paradise.

Today the overprotective moms (yes me) perched on rocks close to the
shoreline while the kids preferred to be higher up. Apparently there was a lot
of talk about king rocks and queen rocks and spies. Our young lady visitor, F.
had been singing loudly all morning in her pool at her grandmother’s house; completely
made up songs about swimming in the pool with her giant floating frog. My son
had talked non-stop the other night on a late ride home about the death castle,
vampires and lord pharaoh. I had been hoping for sleep but it wasn’t to be. These
two kids came together today with their songs and stories and wove a world. I
can’t explain it but he plays differently with her. He is quieter. They huddled
together frequently to ensure their words would not get caught by the wind and
blown to an adult’s ear. It was magic to watch and interesting to see how adult
intervention on any level changed their dynamic.

F. has been enthralled with my son since meeting him over the past few
summers. I had assumed it was the Hawaii thing. How cool are you if you are in
NY with a friend who lives in Hawaii? Watching them today, I question that. It
is like he recognizes his boyness and tones it down when he is with her.
Packages it in a way that is more readily digestible than buckets of water
thrown in your face. And she is able to push past the boundaries of her
girlness and climb on rocks and karate chop the bad guys. They were a symphony
on the rocks today. They were a dynamic duo. I loved watching them.

About nematomorph

Living like the rich and famous, splitting time between Hawaii and New York.
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