Library Love

I have fallen in love with the East End’s library system. I will admit
that part of it is that we are you know, an unemployed, stay-at-home mom type
of family right now. We have always been great supporters of free things to do
in the community (now more than ever) and there are a lot of them. Our library,
Floyd Memorial, has the sweetest children’s section and everyone knows Mr. Joe
who is a fixture there. We asked about the summer reading program (where you
can record the books read online!) and found out that there were bunches of
things that we could sign up for. Mr. Joe gave us the listing of all of the
summer programs that were going on at Floyd. We were told that we should come
early on the first day of sign up because “things fill up”. We came in the
afternoon that day and while a couple of the programs were close to being
filled, most were not.

To date we have learned about, seen and touched local wildlife from a
gentleman with the local rescue group. We have learned about science (can’t
comment on this one too much since I didn’t make it). And today we learned how
to make papyrus and write hieroglyphics. The programs so far have not been
filled up and it is really a shame because they are fabulous. My son was so
excited today that when he came home he wrote everyone’s name in hieroglyphics.
He was so excited today that he was literally bursting with knowledge and
information. Cool!

In Hawaii, our libraries have taken a hit. Loss in funding has meant that
many have had to cut hours. Most are not open in the evenings at all.  Due to the lack of funding they are not able to change with the times. They are not able to ensure that they remain relevant. It is unfortunate and I hate to admit it but I feel like the
libraries in Hawaii are dying. It makes me sad that they are not a part of the
community any more. They have become relics for people who don’t have an
internet connection at home. I wish that our libraries in Hawaii could turn it
around and be able to draw people in, draw young people in. Make them excited
like my son was today, at the Cutchogue Library (in conjunction with Floyd
Memorial). That enthusiasm alone is priceless and ultimately makes kids fans of
the library forever. Forever fans, that is what the HI library system is
desperately in need of.

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Living like the rich and famous, splitting time between Hawaii and New York.
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