For the Love of Snoring

The other night I was standing at the edge of the property at the
compound (that’s what if feels like to me sometimes, a compound). It was dusk
and late and I wanted to record the sound of the waves hitting the beach and
the wind. All I managed to get was the wind as it drowned out everything else.
I came in the house soon after because quite frankly it feels real buggy out
there at night even if I can’t see them to confirm. Then I tried to record the
sound of a cricket outside the window as I sat in the safety of the living room
(the house has a giant window that my Mom covers once it gets dark. It is the
kind of window that giant flying monstrosities ala Stephen King would come
through, given the correct setting. I think of that often if it is late and I
am alone and there is something banging against the window outside attracted by
the light). The cricket was sweet and I thought it would be cool to have a
recording of it. It was then that I noticed that there were two other
recordings on there. One was super short, like three seconds and one was like
thirty. I listened to the short one first. I wasn’t really sure what it was. I
listened to the second one and wasn’t sure what that one was either. I listened
again. It was then I realized that it was a recording of Keanu snoring. I am
sure that I recorded it to use as a taunting device at some point but then just
plain forgot.

I will admit that I listened to it more than once and that I will
likely listen to it again. It is so homey and I’ll bet that if I lay down and
closed my eyes I might be able to delude myself into thinking that he was
actually there. Funny how space and time have managed to twist the meaning and
purpose behind my silly recording.  I almost did not want to share the fact that I had it mostly just because I love it so much. And it seems a bit odd. But I do love it so much. Separation ultimately puts a glow on everything, even the things that made you nuts until
all that is left is the good stuff. All the bad, irritating things somehow get
sifted out because they were too small to remember anyway. Believe it when I
say that I am looking forward to November when I will get to hear real live snoring;
so much better than that canned fake stuff, yeah?

About nematomorph

Living like the rich and famous, splitting time between Hawaii and New York.
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1 Response to For the Love of Snoring

  1. Jodi says:

    Love, love, love your posts, Kim! You have a way with words. You take care! Jodi = )

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