Hell’s Furnace

It is hotter than hot today. Since my mom lives on the Bay she is usually
protected from weather extremes. She gets less snow, less humidity and there is
usually a breeze blowing (like the trades). Today however, we have no reprieve.
It is after nine in the evening and it is still over 90 degrees with extreme
humidity. We have on fans. We have windows open. We are wearing the least
amount of clothing possible. Nothing is helping. My son and I were spoiled
today. We spent the afternoon at my friend’s house enjoying their newly
installed air conditioner. It was amazing that the AC only made the room coolly
bearable and if you left the room it was like the devil’s armpit. At this time
we are pretty much in misery; my son especially. The skin on his neck gets
irritated in this kind of weather. His entire neck is covered in heat rash that
radiates down to his armpits. We were supposed to go up island tomorrow but I
think we are going to cancel and take shelter at Joe’s house. He has air

The heat makes us all edgy. The humid weather robs us of our voices. We
do not want to move, talk or interact. We are all miserable. We are all on
edge. My son just emerged from the bedroom on the verge of tears. His neck is
bothering him. He can’t sleep. I have no answers. And little comfort. He is
trying to sleep on the loveseat in the living room. I tell him that if he
ditched the blankets he is carrying around for comfort he may feel cooler. He
is snuggled up around them.

I wish that there was something good to be had from this heat. I wish
that it would spur my metabolism to magically work overtime to burn that gooey
lasagna I had for dinner tonight. I wish all the sweat I was exerting just by
sitting would translate to weight loss. Unfortunately the only thing that is
good about tonight is that my strong stolen wifi signal is kicking through the
mugginess. The weather is not supposed to break till sometime tomorrow. Until
it does we will be spending all of our time tomorrow in artificially controlled
climates. This weather is one thing about being in NY that I will not miss when
we return to HI. The worst no trades, voggy HI night can’t match right now for

About nematomorph

Living like the rich and famous, splitting time between Hawaii and New York.
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2 Responses to Hell’s Furnace

  1. Paula says:

    I can hardly remember such hot and sticky heat from my East Coast days. Hawaii is blessed with such temperate conditions. Would an icepack at the back of his neck work for small son?

    • nematomorph says:

      LKY suggested, along the same lines, a frozen washcloth. we are much, much cooler today. good sleeping weather as they say in these parts.if the weather gets that bad again we may sleep at my friend Joe’s ac’ed house.

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