I applied for a position with the town to the west of my Mom’s to work
in the office of the marina. It is pretty funny because I have had to fill out
job applications on numerous occasions since I began my job search. It is an
odd development at this time in my life. I can’t remember the last time I
filled out an actual job application. Grown-ups typically apply for jobs by
submitting cover letters and resumes. McDonald’s has job applications. Unfortunately
because I am only staying here through the Fall and I don’t really want a job
that is going to consume me and all my time, it is unlikely that anyone would
hire me for a “real” job. And I don’t think I really want one. After I called
the number in the ad I was told that I had to come down and pick up an
application so I picked up the four page job application, filled it out,
included my resume and dropped it off. This job is temporary through October
which works for me.

The woman from the marina called me about a day later to ask me to come
in on Monday for “two or three” hours for training and to see if I liked the
job. I find this odd. Does this mean I am hired? Will they pay me for training
time? Why would you train someone if you aren’t going to hire them? My friend
said they want me to come in because the job is awful. I wonder.

I am currently struck in the conundrum of what to wear. I asked my Mom
and she said that I should wear shorts or Capri’s. Joe said I should wear
khakis and a polo shirt because that is what all of the marina staff seems to
wear. I cannot in good conscience wear shorts to the first day of work anywhere
unless I was going to paint docks or something. I feel like wearing the uniform
of the marina staff would be weird and kind of presumptuous plus can we just
say that I don’t own khakis or a polo shirt. So that’s that. I imagine I will
wear a skirt and try to look semi-presentable.

I had the fortune yesterday of sitting down with my friend who is from
Hawaii. He is one of those people who are the master of his own fate. When he
moved out here to the East End, he couldn’t find a job and ended up making
sushi at the local fish market. This, despite the fact that he had never made
sushi before (he told me that he had some experience from his Mom who was a
chef in Japan. He is originally from Japan.) We decided that the North Fork of
Long Island has a lot in common with Hawaii when it comes to its small
town-ness. I think that if I were willing to work hard and have long hours, he
would hire me. I can’t make that commitment though. Although I know that I have
to do something for my sanity, I don’t want it to make me insane. So off to the
world of khakis and polo shirts for me. Wish me luck, I may need it.

About nematomorph

Living like the rich and famous, splitting time between Hawaii and New York.
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