Call Me Employed

I think I was hired today. It was the oddest thing. I applied to work
at the marina in the town closest to my mom’s. I went down to the town hall and
filled out a four page application last week. The woman in charge of the marina
called me a few of days later and asked me to come in today for a couple of
hours for training. I wasn’t sure what that meant. Was I hired? Was it a trial
period for them to see if it would work out? Apparently not. I was given
paperwork regarding tax withholding and joining the village’s retirement program.
I think I have a job.

Basically I will be sitting in this giant fishbowl office which faces
the marina, taking reservations for folks to dock their boats overnight. These
are usually done over the phone but then there are the day slips for those who
just come into Greenport for the day. These guys usually just walk in. There is
a lot of paperwork, writing, caveats and a wacky computer program that has the
entire harbor laid out on it. I was there for about two hours today and I left strangely satisfied. The job is one that, once you’ve got all the processes down, you’ve got it.  During the week it will be mostly slow andweekends will be crazy.

Having the job is good for me for many reasons. And the
biggest might be to appease my mom. She is a penny pincher because she has to
be. The salary of a head start teacher is a pittance and that is what she lives
on. She has no wiggle room. So when I go out with my friends to dinner (tut
tut) or wine-tasting (shame) I feel her disapproval. Her perspective is that I
have no incoming monies so I should have no outgoing monies. While I agree with
that mostly, it is difficult for me to stay at the compound 24/7, not go
anywhere (because going somewhere = spending money) without losing my mind
completely. I love my mom’s house, my son and being together but not every waking
moment of my life. Too much of a good thing? You have no idea.

So my small kine marina job will provide some spending
money, some money to contribute on a greater scale to household expenses. It
will allow me to spend time outside the compound with new people. It will allow
me to expend funds freely (somewhat) without the financial wrath of mom. And
finally, it will allow me to work across the street from a Starbucks. Perhaps
the best perq of all.

About nematomorph

Living like the rich and famous, splitting time between Hawaii and New York.
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2 Responses to Call Me Employed

  1. Florence says:

    Congratulations, Kim. I’m happy for you.

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