Stormin’ with the Shih Tzu

I ran from the compound today to go to pau hana at A Mano with my
unemployed friend Chrissie. The irony there is thick as I’ve worked approximately
two hours in the past month and a half.  A Mano has two for one drinks during happy hour and they also have the most magnificent cheese plate in the history of the world. The cheese actually is served on this giant flat bread with assorted sweet things like truffle honey. Nothing/ in the world is as yummy as truffle honey. I would like to roll around in
truffle honey. Seriously. One of the benefits of hanging out and drinking with Chrissie
is that her husband does not drink and is very conscientious about her driving
after drinking at all. This means that he will often drive our sotted butts
around. Like tonight. He dropped us off. Picked us up and then took me home a
bit later. What could be better?

Driving home with Chris, the weather was marginal. Raining off and on
with thunder and lightning threatening to the south. The kind of weather that
makes the dogs crazy. My mom’s younger golden retriever, Cricket, freaks out
when the weather is bad. So when I got home at about 9:30, everyone greeted me
at the door.  Mom, two goldens, a welsh springer, a shih tzu and my sister. The shih tzu does not belong to us but we are house sitting her and she goes by the name Jazzy. I love Jazzy. Generally speaking, I prefer a large manly dog, like a golden retriever. The thing is
that the last time Jazzy was here, I realized that she is totally a lap dog at her
home. Given the fact that I am generally the only one awake at the compound
past 8:30 and I am sitting at my computer, I have a lot to offer Jazzy. She
took up space on my lap on her last visit and seemed genuinely happy to see me
when she arrived today.  As I sit here at my laptop, the storm seems to be moving off. The thunder is receding and although there is rain, the likelihood of an all out storm seems distant. Jazzy is apparently also anti-storm and has been sitting on my lap since I sat down
to write. It is a comfortable weight. I could see myself with a dog like this
although I would not admit it. Maybe it is I who need her more than she needs
me. The comfortable closeness of another being.

I just got up and went to change to go to sleep. I had to put Jazzy
down on the floor. The room where my clothes are stored is basically the laundry
room. The windows look out onto the Bay and are not shuttered. The light show
in the sky taking place is wicked. I watched it for a while. When the lightning
flashed it was like daylight on the Bay. I could not hear it. Plugs will be
pulled and everything turned off tonight before I retire. I am hoping that the
storm stays away. Seen but not heard. Known but not experienced. Discussed but
not felt. A storm of unnecessary preparation. That is what I wish for.

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Living like the rich and famous, splitting time between Hawaii and New York.
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