The Day Gets Away from You

I was talking with my unemployed friend Chrissie today. While I am
technically no longer unemployed, I am definitely under-employed. We were
marveling at where all the time goes in a day.
Back when we were strictly employed, where all of the time in every
weekday was completely scheduled it was easy to see where it all went. There
was no time for dilly dallying. No walks in a field. No running in the middle
of the day. The kid went to school. You went to work. The kid got picked up and
there was food, TV and treats plus completion of outstanding homework. Every
day was the same. More or less.

Now we are in uncharted territory. My friend Chrissie has been for the
past few days what she calls “unfocused.” There are things in her life that
need to be done and she finds herself not doing them. I think it is because the
structureless days quickly foster inertia. Especially for those of us who had
been accustomed to the rhythms of our work and used them to hang the rest of
our schedules around. Now, every day is like white sheets blowing through an
open window. It is unscheduled and uncluttered. And on some levels it freaks us

Chrissie has, this week, come into contact with ladies who lunch. The
ladies who lunch are acclimated to facing a giant void of a day and just taking
care of business. They are not in need of the rigor and unbendingness of the
regular workday to spur them on to accomplish tasks. They are the first to
submit their paperwork ensuring the best seats for their child’s summer camp
performance. Chrissie’s paperwork has yet to be turned in. After discussing
this, we believe that lacking unemployment, these small tasks in the ladies’
lives are their work. Getting these mundane things crossed off the list, they
are then rewarded with free afternoons and carefree evenings. This is what we

Of course our unemployed stints do not come with built in financial security
so it is difficult to stop to see the blowing sheet when your savings account is
only decreasing. If you asked me today what exactly I did all day, I would be
hard pressed to find an answer as impressive as when I was working full time.
Keanu tells me that I should embrace this opportunity but it is as if without
that work day structure, even enjoying the time is tough. I am trying to stop
and smell the flowers, take advantage of our situation but it remains a difficult

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