Small Kine Normalcy

We invaded Joe’s house tonight for dinner and a movie. He had put the
Phineas and Ferb movie on his DVR for us (it was broadcast on Friday). My mom
headed out to hang with her dog lady friends and my son, sister and I
luxuriated in the air conditioned wonderfulness of Joe’s house. Joe made baked
ziti that was melt in your mouth good. He also made garlic bread. I think he
mentioned a stick of butter. It was so potent that with some bites you could feel
the garlic kind of burning your tongue. It was fabulous and is still coming out
of my pores.

We started watching the movie together but all gathered round probably
about three quarters of the way in with are giant plates of carbs. A side note
on Phineaus and Ferb, in case you have failed to be swept up in their pop
culture phenomenon. It is a kids’ show that I actually don’t mind watching. It
is clever and funny. It has musical numbers. The first song of the movie, it
had a Jackson Five feel and P&F were decked out like the Partridge Family
in white pants. Yeah. In another musical scene, the cultural references were
all over the map, I Love Lucy, Laverne and Shirley, the Honeymooners, Laurel
and Hardy; we were rewinding to go back and see what we missed. The storyline itself
made us kind of farklempt (try google it) with the pet theme and my son was
getting weepy when the kids were parading out the “best of” stuff made my
P&F in the past to defeat the evil robots.

The simplicity of the evening, no fuss, laid back hanging outedness
really suited me tonight. I hope that Joe, despite the fact that he had to
cook, felt the same way. We really appreciated the opportunity to sit together,
eat good food and watch a good movie. Simple, simple, simple. I guess I am just
glad for good food, family and good friends tonight. Sometimes all you need is
to be together.

About nematomorph

Living like the rich and famous, splitting time between Hawaii and New York.
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