Hawaii Revealed

I have been working in the office at the marina for about two weeks
now. It is kind of interesting. Boaters are generally a cheery bunch. You have
to realize that the smallest boat that overnights in our harbor is about 30
feet. We have one right now that is 92 feet. I imagine the inside is larger
than my apartment in Hawaii. So maybe I should say that boaters with larger
boats are a cheery bunch. Anyway, for two weeks now I have been learning how
the office runs and making some small chit chat with the folks I work with.
Today was the Hawaii reveal. I think it is weird to just tell people you live
in Hawaii unless the circumstance presents itself and it is a normal part of
the conversation. That normal conversation took place today.

The daughter of the woman in charge of the office was asking about my
son which led to a discussion of his name and hence Hawaii. She had been there
on her honeymoon. It is always strange to talk to someone who has had honeymoon
Hawaii only. The Waikiki experience which probably did not involve any giant
flying roaches. Not that Hawaii should be known for giant flying roaches but I
think that the tourist’s experience probably has little or nothing to do with
the everyday life of people living there. The other girl in the office was very
excited to learn that I live there. She said that she wanted to live there
someday and asked to see my HI driver’s license. I could see her there since
she is about to do a stint abroad in Australia. The guy who is the head of the
bunch affectionately called “dock boys” (I can’t call them that. I just can’t.
Yes, they are boys mostly, but on the verge of manhood. You can see the clouds
of testosterone around them and their ability to grow facial hair varies
widely. I just can’t) asked me to pronounce my son’s extremely long Hawaiian
name again.

I now have some serious street cred with the bunch of younger folks I
work with. I fear there will potentially be surfing questions posed by the dock
guys (see, guys is better isn’t it?) which I will mostly be unable to answer. Most
folks from the mainland think white sand beaches and swaying palm trees when
they think of Hawaii. They are unaware that there is a downtown, rush hour
traffic, work, childcare and school. That most folks are just living their
lives there and that for those of us who do live there, it is a lot like here. Slogging
through to do what has to be done every day to keep your sanity and your head
above water. They fail to believe this reality based Hawaii and instead want to
hold on to the postcard. The 24/7 shimmering blue water, perfect tans, surfer
boys and bikini clad bodies. It is a nice fantasy and one that everyone I know
in Hawaii would like to live in. Although we try to do so around the edges of
our daily lives, our regular mainland Greenport-like existences tend to take
center stage. It really is scary how much it can be the same.

About nematomorph

Living like the rich and famous, splitting time between Hawaii and New York.
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1 Response to Hawaii Revealed

  1. mauka-makai says:

    yeah. but slogging through life, with blue skies and palms waving in the near distance is still more lovely than slogging through life in a “grimy” “city” or (enter any adjective/noun combination here).

    I guess hawaii folk pay for that lovely peek of sky, uka or kai with the high cost of living. so I figure the trick is to be in the aina and ocean as much as possible, that way you get your money’s worth…

    love you S.A.B.S.

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