A Little Jesus in My Life

Tonight we took my son to orientation for his week-long, half-day bible
camp which starts tomorrow. Now, anyone who knows me might find that statement
shocking, inconceivable and unbelievable. An explanatory note. The church is the
Lutheran church that my Aunt belongs to. She told us about this Vacation Bible
School which is one week long from nine to noon at her church. For all intents
and purposes, it is free for the participants (save the $5 we had to pay for
the camp shirt). It is a first come, first serve basis and they take 60 kids.
We were down there the first day they were taking applications turning ours in.
Honestly, the price was unbeatable and I felt like my son needed to be in a
structured environment for a bit and maybe use this as a stepping stone to
being comfortable starting a new school in the fall.

Despite my Catholic upbringing, I’ve got some issues with organized
religion. I think that it is great that you want to believe in God or Buddha or
whoever but I don’t want your morality stuffed down my throat. It would be like
me trying to make everyone I know be a vegetarian. Like if around Thanksgiving
I posted pictures of turkeys being slaughtered and made sure everyone knew how
wrong I thought it was to be eating birds that day. I am not down with that.
While I choose to forsake the bird and while I would love it if one day everyone
just decided that killing and eating turkeys is wrong, I am not going to make
everyone live their lives the way I choose to live mine (although quite frankly
I feel like the world would be a better place…I’m just saying). So some
religions with their “my morality is more moral than yours” and “I am right you
are wrong” bullshit just really piss me off.

Honestly initially, in the church tonight (which is lovely) I was a bit
freaked by all the God talk. It is so not me. But the Pastor clearly loves what
he does. He is a big booming man with a great sense of humor. The longer I sat
there, the more I felt that the parts of this organized religion that my son is
going to learn for the 15 hours he is in bible camp, are the good parts
(listen, care for others….universal good things). Don’t get me wrong, the camp’s
stated goal is to have kids discover “the big answers to the big questions
about Jesus, who He is and why they need Him.” It will be fun to see how my son
is able to reconcile this with the teachings of his Buddhist school in Hawaii
where he attends temple weekly. I hope that he is able to think about the
things that he is taught this week within the context of what he has been
taught about religion already. I hope that we are laying a groundwork to enable
him to choose the right path for himself when it comes to religion and to be
open about his options. Keanu and I have different perspectives on this and I
feel that sending our son to bible school this week is a very Keanu decision
and a very un-Kim decision. That being said, I fully admit to dancing around the
house this evening to some surf sounding song about Jesus (they sent us home
with a CD). Ultimately I am trying to not diss the organized religion in this
case. I think it is because of my Aunt that I can do this. The church has her
stamp of approval and she is a pretty great lady. So bring on the surf Jesus
music this week. I am all in.

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1 Response to A Little Jesus in My Life

  1. Kila says:

    I think it’s great to expose kids to different churches and religions as they grow up–much better than not exposing them to any. I’m glad I experienced a variety throughout my childhood. I still attend a variety today.

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