C’mon Irene

So we are bracing, preparing, worrying, stocking up on alcohol, cooking
lots of beans, moving in with Joe on Sunday, ensuring all electronic devices
are charged, getting haircuts, boarding up windows, pulling up beach stairs,
stowing outdoor furniture, getting the weekend off…..among other things with
regards to hurricane Irene. Thing is, the last really large hurricane that hit
Long Island, Gloria, I was in the house I grew up in in Centereach. I remember
that a tree next to our house fell down. I remember going outside when the eye
passed. It was quiet, eerie and yellow outside. We sat in the hallway in our
house. It sounded scary outside. We don’t know what to expect this weekend but
we are hoping for the best.

We will come up to Joe’s house Sunday morning. Mom is very afraid to
stay in her house. It is close to the water but she has the benefit of an eight
foot or so bulkhead and a long stretch of lawn between her and the Bay. We
worry that trees will come down on the lane so we thought it best to have the
car out. That way if there is a tree down we can walk in to the house to get
clothes or whatever. We will all come up, dogs and all.  It is freaky to think that the NY transit system will be shut down tomorrow. Talk about paralyzing.

The day was so lovely today. Chrissie and I took the kids to the beach
by her house in Mattituck for a change in scenery. They swam for a while and
then played on the playground. We decided to go for ice cream afterwards and
the local ice cream joint is having a two for one hurricane sale on everything.
I can only imagine how much it would suck to have all that ice cream melt. I am
pretty much in a dairy coma right now.

All these people eating ice cream outside the store was a bit surreal. There
is a sense of uneasy anticipation in the air wherever you go. You can feel it.
It lies in the pit of your stomach. We are all hoping for the best but don’t
know what to expect. If we just have to deal with a stretch of no electricity
that would be ideal. We wouldn’t love it but compared to various other
outcomes, it would be the least worst. So cross your fingers, say a prayer,
meditate for us, whatever works, we are equal opportunity receivers.

About nematomorph

Living like the rich and famous, splitting time between Hawaii and New York.
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3 Responses to C’mon Irene

  1. lavagal says:

    I am sending all the best wishes and safe vibes I can to all of my family and friends up and down the Eastern Seaboard! Get in touch when you can, Kim. I’m sure you’ll have an interesting tale to tell us!

    • nematomorph says:

      PGB, we are anxiously awaiting Ms. Irene. My son is feeling stressed but we are hopeful that we will just have a bit of rain, some wind and maybe no power for a bit. Best case scenario. We may high tail it up to Joe’s house tomorrow evening as the storm is expected to hit here late Saturday/early Sunday. We figure it would be better to be there than to have to try to truck up there with the dogs in the middle of the storm. I will try to stay connected as much as possible, depending on the electricity supply.

  2. Florence says:

    Hoping for the best also. Hopefully you’ll all be okay and it won’t be that bad. We’re about a mile from the water in Rocky Point, but we have an awful lot of trees here. So I’m sure we’ll have lots of stories to tell about this storm, hopefully nothing serious. Good Luck to you.
    Take care,

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