Scarier for Me

Today was the first day of my son attending a new school here in N.Y.  A school he will be at for about three months before we head back to Hawaii. The whole school thing was something that we were most worried about. I wasn’t sure what school he would attend and was afraid that if it were large, he would get lost in the shuffle. His HI school
is relatively small. It turns out that we are in the Oysterponds Union Free
School District which is actually smaller than his HI school (I think there are
11 kids in his class counting him). Love the name! After lots of paperwork and
ensuring that he would be attending the school, we went and visited when we
first arrived (they were still in session then.) The staff in the front office
was always friendly and accommodating which was nice because I was really

Today was the first day of school. My son was excited to go to school
but very anxious about getting on the school bus. We don’t do school buses in
Hawaii for the most part. My son is dropped off and picked up every day; no
bus. He was worried about who would sit next to him. He was worried that he
would have to sit next to a girl. He was worried that the driver would be mean.
He was crying last night about it. He was crying this morning about it. Then
there was weather this morning, and instead of working against us, which is
what I first thought about it, it actually worked in our favor.

We began the trek up the private road to the main road where the bus will
stop. We got up past about two houses and it began pouring rain. Like a
torrential downpour. Then there was lighting and thunder. I was feeling nervous
as I held the lighting rod….I mean umbrella over us. We gave up after walking
around the second giant lake-sized puddle and headed home. Luckily Joe is on
vacation and I have his car (ah, the black audi convertible…that spells freedom…..another
name for nothing left to lose….I am so easily distracted). We went home and
scrambled to get our wet selves in the car. We drove up the road, pulled out,
turned around and parked next to our road with the hazard lights on. On the
lookout for the bus. It briefly crossed my mind to drive him but I felt that it
would just extend the bus anxiety, potentially to the afternoon or tomorrow. He
had to get on the bus today. This morning. All of a sudden we saw it coming. This
monstrously huge yellow bus, lights a-flashing, stopping traffic in both
directions on the main road. We were jumping out of the car so that it would
know we were there. It was raining and with the traffic stopped there was a
sense of urgency. I handed my son his lunch and his backpack and he just
climbed on. There was no time for hesitation. No time for thinking, worrying or
anything. He was on and he was gone. I had to restrain myself from following in
the car. I am not even kidding.

I couldn’t wait for him to get home today. I was out waiting for the
bus so early it was ridiculous. And then there it was and there he was standing
up and climbing off. Handing me everything. He was in good spirits. He did not
have to sit next to a girl or anyone. He said that his bus driver was nicer
than his teacher. He said that his teacher commended him for hanging up his
stuff and told the other kids that they should be like him. He said he kind of
made one friend named Anthony. He said he played tag with the third graders
during recess. He said he had some homework to finish up. The great bus terror
is over, slain as it were, by the bright light of experience and knowledge. The
unknown is banished. I asked him tonight if he would be worried tomorrow about
getting on the bus and he said, “no, I did it today.” Did, done and over. It
was the best possible outcome. On to day two!

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Living like the rich and famous, splitting time between Hawaii and New York.
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2 Responses to Scarier for Me

  1. Hooray for ‘aukai! The bus terror is over

    • nematomorph says:

      that sentence, “the bus terror is over” just came to my head to Florence & the Machine’s “the dog days are over”…..really, it works if you try……”so, you’d better run”…..

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