Things That Go On

I worked today. The marina was busy for one person in the office. There
were lots of folks who came in to stay just for the day. There was a guy who
came in with like four others on jet skis. When they were coming into the
marina they looked like they were going to attack us. The date sort of has
everyone nervous. The guy that came in to pay was very Anthony Bordainesque;
tall, gruff and too cool for school. I thought I was being nice to him when I
figured out how to charge to tie up the jet skies but it turns out that he only
paid for one of the boats in his party. Nice.

Then there were the three complaining guys. You know what I like more
than anything, when people try to go over your head. They throw names around to
try to get you to do stuff. Yeah, I love that. The one guy kept asking to speak
to Donna, who has left the state today to take her husband to have a serious
operation in Minnesota. I told him that she was out of the office for two
weeks. Then he asked who was in charge. I indicated Jeff, our…..I am unsure of
his title, dock master….I may have made that up. Then he starts complaining
about the slip he is in, how he requested a slip and wasn’t put in it (this is
a blatant lie.) He is like a Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade balloon. He is a
big fat white man with red cheeks and an Indiana Jones hat. He tells me that
the wave action from the ferry nearly knocked him down in his shower on his
boat today. I can’t help but think that his large frame completely fills the
shower and that his falling is not only highly unlikely but mostly impossible.  He says that he is one of our best customers and that he has the marina number on speed dial.  I think he is a jerk.

I have found my inner New Yorker since being back here. I find that the “F” word flows freely off my tongue (not to customers but amongst the staff). And I kind of like it. Maybe my inner curser was lying dormant for all those Hawaii years, just waiting to be revived by the New York air. Air that takes longer than two weeks to saturate your inner
being. Truth be told, I will be sad when I don’t have my little marina family
to escape to every couple of days. Yes, it is true that I work with a lot of
very, very young people. Like young enough to be my children but honestly, most
of them give me hope for this generation. Tristian who just does things without
being asked, like taking out the trash. Matt, who is smart and thinks ahead and
is getting ready to graduate from Stony Brook with his degree in history and is
considering a career in public policy (I feel like I could be his mentor).
Angelos who is fresh off the boat Greek and wants to become a police officer;
he is a junior in high school. We are worlds apart which is blatantly apparent to
me and probably them. Despite this, I like them. They make me laugh and they
work hard.  I hope that when my son is their age that the people he is working with feel about him the way I feel
about these guys.

About nematomorph

Living like the rich and famous, splitting time between Hawaii and New York.
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1 Response to Things That Go On

  1. Florence Olson says:

    Kim, I always found teenagers and young college students fun to be around. They make you feel young and hopeful. The only teenagers I didn’t like being around was my own, thought they were obnoxious! Anyway enjoy your time at your job.

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