Going Back

I can feel it in my bones. We are sliding down the apex of our six
months in New York. Like sliding down a giant mountain of mud or maybe
chocolate. Hawaii feels closer. Palpable. I have told Keanu not to mail us
anything else otherwise it will stay here because I won’t pay to ship back a stuffed
animal after it visits us for a couple of months. We are sliding and sliding. I
am thinking about working. I am thinking about driving my car wherever I want.
I am thinking about sleeping with my pretty hot significant other in the same
bed without any furry friends. Nice.

Maybe because I am feeling that we are getting closer to leaving; I
want to do all kinds of stuff. NY stuff. Before we leave. This week, my friend
Chrissie and I were ladies who lunch. We ended up going to the lunch truck in
Southold. The lunch truck is a real truck with a fake truck façade. It is fancy
and fun. We got sandwiches and then drove up the road to the Corey Creek
winery. Most of the local wineries have a lovely outdoor seating area which
overlooks the vineyards. Corey Creek is no exception. The woman at the bar
talked us into buying two bottles of Chardonnay since they were buy one get one
free. She told us that the cost would end up being about $10 a bottle. We were
an easy sell. She opened up one for us and we made our way outside to a lovely
table overlooking the vineyard. We poured our wine and had a leisurely,
extremely pleasant lunch. The vineyard guys, all speaking Spanish, poured out
from just under where we were sitting playing soccer at the edge of the
vineyard itself. They were laughing and at one point the ball went flying
amidst the grapes. It began to rain slightly but never really got going. The
entire thing was obscenely pleasant.

I keep talking about planning a trip into the city but there is still
no plan. Now for anyone who grew up on Long Island, Manhattan is “the city.” I
didn’t realize that everyone didn’t call it that till I moved away. Today my
son told me that one of his classmates was going to the city. I like that this
six months have injected him with a little bit of New York and I like it. He
also seems to have a bit of a crush on his NY second grade teacher. He has been
doing extra homework so he can “make her proud.” It is sweet and amusing to me.
He will definitely be sad to leave his temporary second grade class.

Me, I will be glad to go home to a more independent life. Maybe this
tri p would have been different if Keanu had come with us. Maybe we wouldn’t
feel so temporary. We wouldn’t feel unsettled like we have one foot here and
one foot there. We would have felt more complete; more whole. I have told many,
many people that every prediction that Keanu had about this move has been
pretty much on the money. Yes, it is true, he was right (I am publicly admitting
this.) It was like he had a crystal ball and could see everything. I guess it
is because he knows all the players pretty well.  Sometimes I think that he knows the players
better than they know themselves. I guess that’s what happens when you hang around
the same motley bunch for so long; when you become part of your significant
other’s family. When you are together with someone for so long that you are
able to see things more clearly for being a part but not being a part of the family’s
group dynamic. I appreciate his insight and should consider what he is telling
me more often; apparently I am not always right.

About nematomorph

Living like the rich and famous, splitting time between Hawaii and New York.
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2 Responses to Going Back

  1. lavagal says:

    Hear, here! Listen! LISTEN. Shhhhhhh. listen.

  2. Florence Olson says:

    I always enjoy your blogs. You write very well. I’m hoping at some point to be able to get together with you and your adorable son before you go back to Hawaii. You are so close and I only remember you as a young child. It would be nice to visit with you. I’m sure Heather and Dawn would like to see you also. Let me know if this would be possible? Enjoy your time here in the fall, it’s a very pretty time as I guess you remember.

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