A Good Day

When you have a job where the hours are odd; like you are working on
Saturdays and Sundays or till 8:00 at night, you lose all respect for the five
day work week. Having Thursday off but not having Saturday and Sunday off is no
big deal. When you are working the five day work week, a week day off is like
manna from heaven. That being said, I do love being off on Thursday. Everyone
else in my house is at work or school. It is nice. I marvel at how quickly the
day goes. I think that goes hand in hand with the general slower pace of my

While it is true that I do not sit around all day eating bon bons; I
think that my mom is disappointed at my list of completed tasks by the end of
the day. The thing is that I cannot be her; nor do I wish to. On my Thursday
off, I took my son to the bus; thought about running in the rain but had coffee
with Joe instead; came home & got the butternut squash in the crock pot;
made fresh salsa; decided that since it stopped raining I would go for run; did
three loads of laundry; took a shower; called my significant other in Hawaii;
picked up my son from the bus; did his homework with him & made chili
cheese dip for dinner. A full day I would say.

Thursday night was the night parents were invited to visit my son’s
elementary school. Joe tagged along with me for the fun. The evening began in
the school’s smallish gym with an introduction by the new, formerly of Maui as
it turns out, principal. She said that a couple of times a week the kids write
in journals about what they have learned, what they want to learn and they are
able to write questions to her directly. She took the time to read some of the
comments from the journals. Some were funny and some insightful. After the
brief welcome we were instructed to go to our child’s classroom to meet the
teacher. We stayed behind so I could chat with the principal who was very nice.
Interestingly enough she has a Polynesian look and if I had to guess, a lot of
folks thought she was Hawaiian while she was living on Maui. She said that her
husband was a big German guy and not Hawaiian. Her family is from NY so they
moved to give her greater opportunity to become a school administrator as her
opportunities were limited on Maui. She said that my son had written some
questions to her in his journal including; have you ever cooked kalua pig? and
did you live in Honolulu? He had written yes and no and asked her to circle her

We arrived a bit late to the second grade class. While in the gym we
were trying to guess who my son’s teacher was. The only clue we had was glasses
and the fact that she had triplet boys. Joe had his money on this young cute
blond but I figured there was no way she had had triplets. Ms. Poveromo ended
up looking pretty much like I thought she would. She is kind of shortish, with
longish brown hair, glasses with a NY accent. She told me that my son hugs her
goodbye every day. He has had no problem adjusting here.

Once in the classroom, I sat in my son’s desk and was asked to write
him a note in his classroom journal. He had written a little reminder in it telling me to write to him. I met his friend Anthony’s mom. She was a heavy set blonde woman with a Polish accent. She turned to me and introduced herself, Magdalena. Ms. Poveromo went
through the basics of what the kids are learning. I was surprised to hear that
she would be teaching cursive writing later in the year. I kind of like that
but my son will be gone before that happens. The principal got on the intercom
and urged parents to move on to keep everything on schedule. We all got up and
waited for a turn to chat with Ms. Poveromo individually. She is smitten with
my son. She told us that he will be recognized as the student of the month at
the morning assembly on Monday (if you see him don’t mention this, he doesn’t
know). She said he is being recognized for his enthusiasm. She said that she
has been testing him using the NY benchmarks and he is “blowing the benchmarks
out of the water.” She said that he is perfectionist and gets crazy if something
isn’t exactly how he wants it. Funnily enough, that is completely true but no
one had ever used that word before. I believe it is appropriate. I love the
complete flexibility of the six year old. The ability to roll with the punches
and not only adapt but thrive. A good lesson that I should try to adopt. Maybe
I can do it as we slide down the NY hump straight back to Hawaii.

About nematomorph

Living like the rich and famous, splitting time between Hawaii and New York.
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1 Response to A Good Day

  1. mauka-makai says:

    Thursday night was “Back To School Night” for parents at N’s school. We were greeted by the director of the lower school in the multi purpose room, met some of the parent volunteers and watched:
    1. funny slide show about safety (wear sneakers, do tick checks, cross in crosswalks) = veggies
    2. sweet slide show showing our kids at school, learning, engaging, lunching, playing = dessert.

    Then we went to his classroom where his teachers pretended to be our kids and re-enacted a conflict (he pushed me! she grabbed my arm!) and how they “conference” with the kids to resolve the conflict or misunderstanding.

    They also talked about what the kids were learning and how they taught language. The spanish teacher’s son is in my son’s class, so I got to ask a bonus spanish teacher question too.

    Great night to see what school is like for our kids and also to be invited into the classroom and the school by the director and teachers to participate in leading learning activities with the kids. Also met many parents – so much easier wearing nametags!

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