It is funny. We have a little over two months till we head back to
Hawaii. Two months. It is like nothing. Like nothing compared to the four we
have already endured. You would think that we are all feeling happy, chipper
even at the thought of being reunited soon. This is not the case. At least not
the case for most of us. My son seems happy as a clam. His ability to adapt to
his new environment, including a new school and his first school bus experience
has been pretty astounding. No, it is the grownups with all the hang ups.

Keanu told me the other day that it is seemingly getting harder for him
the closer we get instead of getting easier. In practical terms it makes no
sense but I can understand. After months of my craptacular marina job, I am
pretty much done with it. I have been bogged down with the process and the
policy of it all and it is just wearing on me. Things like forcing us to call
people who have been to the marina, paid and left because we forgot to write
down the credit card number on their slip. Really? Who cares? They paid. It worked.
Why do we have to have it? I don’t get it. I still really don’t mind the
interaction with people part of my job. I love chatting with the boaters and
helping the boaters. I hate it when people complain. I hate charging people for
stays because they missed the cancellation deadline. I am the one who doesn’t
want to do it.

Tomorrow is the day we start taking reservations for the 2012 Maritime
Festival. The marina books in 45 minutes. Our phones crash. We end up with a
waiting list of over 100 folks wanting to get in. I am not looking forward to
it. I have to be there at 7:30 and we start taking calls at 8:00. The only good
thing about it is that I get to leave at noon. My Mom is off so maybe we will
have lunch together in Greenport.

My pretend NY life is wearing thin. I understand how Keanu feels but at
least I have our son to sort of lean on. I get to be with the one with the rosy
outlook whose biggest concern is his Clifford stuffed animal and the
mini-volleyball Keanu got at the Hawaii 5-0 wahine volleyball game. We all deal
with things differently. I do now know what it will be like when we get back.
Will we just slip into our old lives; our old roles before we left? Will there
be rough edges with some parts not fitting exactly the way they did before we
left? I just don’t know. Considering my rosy outlook prior to coming to NY; my
crazy, ridiculous, idealized version of “what life in New York would be like”;
I am probably not the best person to even hazard a guess. I can only hope that
the strain we feel now will finally be relieved. Maybe we really will hold
hands and run off into the sunset. One can only hope.

About nematomorph

Living like the rich and famous, splitting time between Hawaii and New York.
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