A Little Bit of Aloha

After being a New York hater for a couple of days, I am feeling the
aloha today. My son is feeling the aloha today. I only hope that Keanu somehow
got to feel the aloha today as well. This past weekend was the Greenport
Maritime Festival. It is a big deal for the village. The marina that I work at
is completely reserved the day after the previous year’s festival ends. This
year, around Wednesday or so, the weather for the weekend was not looking good.
The entire three days that was the festival, it was predicted to rain. That was
when the cancellations started rolling in. We ended up going through the
waiting list of over 100 boats. People who called the day of or the day before
ended up being accommodated. It was crazy madness. Within the crazy madness the
gamut of human behavior was experienced. Grown men acting like frat boys.
People hanging up on you while you are talking to them because they do not like
what you are saying. People expecting preferential treatment based on where they
work. You start to lose your faith in humanity.

But then, there is usually a small experience that tilts it all and you
know that the world is not completely in the toilet. My favorite guy all
weekend, well his boat is named Aloha. He has an accent and he has a Greek
name. He is clearly not from Hawaii or at least not Hawaiian. Despite the fact
that he ended up having to pay for a night at the marina when he wasn’t
actually there, he was quite pleasant. Every time he came into the office he
asked us if we needed coffee or anything. We always thanked him but said no. I
finally asked him why his boat was named Aloha and it turns out that his wife
lived in Hawaii for a while. His sister in-law still lives there but is coming
to visit this week. He was picking her up from the airport. Today, the morning
when we take the reservations for the 2012 Maritime Festival; the day when the
phone system crashes and we lock ourselves in the office, Mr. Aloha showed up
at our office with coffee and bagels for the office. It just made me hug him. I
apologized and told him “I’m sorry but I have to hug you.” I think that my
fellow office mates and Mr. Aloha were both taken aback. New Yorkers are not
huggers. I have controlled my hugging urges. But I can’t help that my over ten
years in Hawaii has turned me into a hugger.

Then this afternoon, yes we all knew that my son was receiving the
student of the month award, but it was great. I asked if he was nervous walking
up in front of everyone in the gym today. He told me no but beforehand he was
sitting there hoping that they didn’t call his name. As much as he was playing
it all six year old coolness after school I could tell when he talked on the
phone to his Dad how proud he was of receiving the award “for his enthusiasm to
learn and for being kind and caring towards his classmates and his teacher.” We
wrote an email to his second grade class in Hawaii and he carefully typed out
what he received the award for. I am really proud of him and thrilled at his
incredible adaptability.

I think that ultimately this trip will be like childbirth. All that will remain will be the warm fuzzy memories and good outcomes. The pain and difficulties will be forgotten. And
the answer as to whether we would do it again? Split our lives and live apart? That
answer would be a resounding no.

About nematomorph

Living like the rich and famous, splitting time between Hawaii and New York.
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