Never Say Never

When I moved to Hawaii the first car I owned was a giant silver Volvo
sedan with turbo drive. I loved that thing. It was huge and tank-like but it
had power. It could haul its big silver ass up the Pali like nobody’s business.
The problem was that it was old and getting older. The roof began
disintegrating around the sun roof. One of the most memorable trips ever was
the day Keanu and I took our very small son on a quest for swim diapers. Of
course, what I didn’t realize was that I could’ve bought them at the Foodland
up the road. But no, we drove to Toys R Us in Pearl City. I even called ahead
to see if they had swim diapers in stock and they said they did. The weather
was bad and raining. We got to the store and they didn’t have swim diapers. It
was that day I realized that I hated Toys R Us. On the way back to town, Keanu
drove and I sat in the back with my little guy. By the time we hit the freeway
it was pouring rain. The Volvo’s de-fogger for the front windshield did not
work so we had to keep the windows open in order to see anything. The
torrential rain on the outside resulted in flood like conditions on the inside;
mostly over Keanu in the driver’s seat. He looked like he was sitting under a
waterfall. It was quite possibly one of the worst trips ever in Hawaii.

After I passed the silver bomb over to Keanu, I ended up buying another
old, used Volvo. I liked this one because it had air conditioning but was sad
that it didn’t have the umph of the original. It was great till it wasn’t. It
started faltering after trying to accelerate after a stop; like in the middle
of an intersection; like it was going to stall. It was freaking me out
especially since I was travelling a lot with the small man. I took it to my
mechanic over and over again. He would replace something or tweak another thing
but nothing seemed to work. After endless anxiety and about six months of
return trips, he finally figured out that it was the “computer” that regulated
the entire car. A billion more dollars and it was fixed. It was during this
time that I decided to do something that I said I would never do. I decided to
buy a new car.

I had always said that really, you do not need a new car in Hawaii.
There is no place to go. This is true but it is one thing to break down on the
side of the road alone and it is another animal completely to break down with a
very small child. Nerve wracking. I bit the bullet and we began visiting
dealers. We danced with the Nissan guys and drove a Versa. Going from an
ancient Volvo to a new car was like transitioning from a horse and buggy to a
UFO. I loved all the stuff. The little thing that unlocks your door. Fabulous.
We visited Honda. I tried the Fit. The Fit is very similar to the Versa but I fell
hard over the interior of the Fit. I loved the way it lit up. I loved that my
ipod plugged right into it! The Volvo had a cassette player. We almost got the
Fit in this weird blackish/purplish color but ended up going with the orange
which really suits us.

So I did it; after saying again and again I would never buy a new car
in Hawaii, there I was buying a new car in Hawaii. And I use this story to just
demonstrate the point that even though there are things that I would have sworn
six months ago that I would not do, I will be doing them. So don’t be surprised
when, you know, I’m doing them, again. Because in the immortal words of Romeo
Void….there’s something in your eyes that says maybe.

About nematomorph

Living like the rich and famous, splitting time between Hawaii and New York.
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2 Responses to Never Say Never

  1. Paula says:

    Hah! Maybe shmaybe, Baby!!!!

  2. Enkhee says:

    After Hawaii, I swore to god I’ve had enough of school and never doing it again. But here I am about to start a law school in Sydney 🙂 Never say never.

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