What’s in Your Closet?

I have been off for two straight days now. I love it. I used to think
that I would be really bored if I didn’t have a job but that may not be true.
After the bus picked up my spectacularly cute son, I walked up to Joe’s house
and we went for a run. I realized on the walk up that I wasn’t freezing like I
usually am. I chalked it up to my clearance priced, sent directly to my PO box,
emerald green LL Bean jacket, good to 40 degrees if I’m standing still and
minus ten if I am moving about. We ran in the morning coolness. When you run in
the morning coolness, there is not much sweating. It is kind of weird. I came
home and put the red cabbage in the crock pot with apples, garlic, onions,
brown sugar, butter and some red wine vinegar. A grand experiment. The jury is
out. On to assembling an eggplant parmesan (why do I always want to spell that
word with an “i”?). Fried the eggplant last night so this was relatively
simple. Used the rotten bananas to make a streusel bread. And onion bread in
the bread maker.

We moved on to cleaning my sister’s room. My Mom yells at her about it.
Tells her that she is just going to go in with a giant garbage bag and “trash
it.” This causes much bitchy snappiness in my house. I am the mediator. My
sister and I started going through the room yesterday. We continued today but
we were both clearly done with this endeavor and needed a respite. You could
sense that she was getting to her breaking point. She is like a mini-hoarder.
She is definitely able to throw things away. She doesn’t seem to have much emotional
attachment to stuff but she also doesn’t throw anything away. There is just
stuff stuffed in every nook and cranny; empty card boxes, golf balls, torn dog
toys, boxes and boxes of crayons, unworn clothing, newspaper clippings about
the Mets, signed photos of B-list stars and saved People magazines featuring
Patrick Swayze and MTV’s teen moms. It is a hodge podge of things. I am trying
to organize her but I fear that by the time we are ready to tackle her closet,
the progress we have made over the past two days will be destroyed with things
crammed into the newly created empty spaces.

I think that this collection of things is just her way of exerting her independence
against my mother. Given my own lack of personal space and freedom, it is a
sentiment that I can appreciate. Maybe instead of helping to clear it out, I
should add to it. Bring home my own squirreled away treasures to add to the
bulk of stuff. I imagine the closet door bowing outward with the force of
trying to contain all of the protest belongings. We would be like Occupy
Closet. A cause only slightly less worthy than what is going on on Wall Street
(kidding, seriously). Alas, although on the downward slide of my NY stay and
feeling like I am in the driver’s seat, I still couldn’t bring myself to
purposefully undermine my mother’s ways, no matter how much they drive me
crazy. Talk to me next week when we tackle the closet for real. Or better yet,
talk to me in two months when I no longer live with the closet.

About nematomorph

Living like the rich and famous, splitting time between Hawaii and New York.
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