Yeah, so in case you didn’t know, my son was student of the month at his
adopted NY school this past month. We love that. We decided that to celebrate
we would take him out to dinner at a restaurant of his choosing. This is always
a sketchy prospect. Sometimes six year olds don’t have the best of taste. My son
chose the barbeque place directly behind the marina office I have worked in all
summer long. It has a cozy interior but the real draw is the upstairs outside
seating (my son began calling this dinner a double celebration for the fact
that today was my last day at the marina). It has taken a chilly turn but they
just drop the plastic over the windows upstairs and light up the big outdoor
heaters. It has definitely dropped in temperature but we felt pretty
comfortable eating out there.

Funnily enough, there was relatively nothing for me as a vegetarian to
order for dinner. We did really enjoy the thin onion rings (onion sticks) and
fried pickles (these are delicious and for all of you out there saying “ew” you
shouldn’t knock them till you try them; because everything fried is delicious)
for pupus. We felt that the ribs and dessert were dry, the spinach was yucky
and the macaroni and cheese sort of tasteless. I did enjoy the Greenport
Brewery Black Duck Porter on tap. Despite the disappointing food, it did not seem
to really matter.

We were a fairly large group consisting of myself, my mom, my sister,
my friend Joe, my friend Chrissie her husband Chris, their daughter and my son.
My son loved it. I had decided to ask that Joe pick up some presents for my son
since he was going to be driving through Riverhead today. I haven’t really
bought him any toy since we have been in NY and he has totally been jonesing
for some Harry Potter legos. With the help of Joe today, I made it happen. At
dinner, when we had whipped out the gifts, he said to me that he didn’t think
that he was going to get anything. It was a complete surprise. I loved that.
Then he felt guilty because it was a celebration of my last day of work and he
hadn’t gotten me anything. He looked kind of upset for a minute so I told him
to talk to my Mom to have her help him out if he really wanted to get me
something. Apparently he asked my Mom to knit me a hat, which, considering she
has been knitting the same scarf for like a year, is unlikely. She told him to
ask Joe, who is a knitting machine. I think Joe said OK. The whole thing was
very cute. Like he realized that he would have liked to have something for me
but didn’t think about it till he was getting stuff himself.

It was just a really pleasant evening of good company and nice times.
It is sort of representative of our NY trip. We have the best times when we are
surrounded by the people we love the most. And they were all there today. We
had so much love that we didn’t really care too much that our food wasn’t all
that great. It is what I will miss the most, just spending time with these
people.  Despite all my bitching about being in NY, I can feel the slower pace of my life already being sucked into a vortex. It makes me feel sad and panicky and I am not sure there is anything that I can do except hold on for the ride.

About nematomorph

Living like the rich and famous, splitting time between Hawaii and New York.
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2 Responses to Celebrating

  1. mauka-makai says:

    you have become rich with time. perhaps you can find a way to keep that for your self, for your family. the ocean is a good place for this and is at your disposal in hi. just sayin.

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