Frigid Frigidity

Here I am in New York for Fall for the first time in over ten years. I
had these romantic visions of pumpkin picking, hot mulled cider and turning
leaves. I somehow believed that I could continue to wear my slilppahs as
footwear till I returned home to Hawaii. I believed that I could get by with
one pair of jeans and a couple of sweaters as the weather turned cooler. The
list of things regarding how my stay in NY would be that I was mistaken about is
quite extensive and this falls into that category.

After an initial day of coldness a couple of weeks ago, I broke down
and bought a clearance jacket from LL Bean which is supposedly warm to forty
degrees if I am standing around and minus ten if I am being active. Then there is
the hoodie that I got from my stint working at the marina which I tend to wear
both in the house and outside with the hood up; very unibomber chic. Joe
knitted me a pair of gloves that I wear every day now. As an aside, did you
know that a gloved finger will not work on a touch screen? It is one of the
amazing things that I have learned in the cold in NY. It is also really
annoying when you are waiting for the bus trying to research the house colors
of Hogwarts or trying to find a picture of a pitchfork to show the six year old.

I wasn’t prepared for how the cold weather just makes me want to stay
inside. When you live in a perpetually warm climate you find yourself yearning
for weather that would do just that. You think that you would then magically
make all kinds of soups and your home would be filled with the aroma of freshly
baked bread. In reality, the frigid rain makes you stay inside all day
unshowered and in your pajamas. In reality it fosters depression and the urge
to take a nap. Makes you understand why people buy snuggies. Not romantic in
the least.

My son seems completely unaffected by the cold. He got off the bus
today wearing only his t-shirt. I was in my circus outdoor gear (green jacket,
light blue hoodie, purple gloves with two pair of socks on). Today when we got
home with a pizza he came running out of the house bare armed with no shoes or
socks on. I finally had to yell at him. I had thought that since this is his
first experience with cold that he would like being able to snuggle into all
kinds of clothes. It has been just the opposite. I had to fight with him to get
him into a pair of pants when it first turned cold. He was insisting on
continuing to wear shorts.

Instead of running out and purchasing an entire new wardrobe I just
keep thinking warm Hawaii thoughts. I keep thinking that we will be leaving
here in a month, yes an exact month from today. I look at the hardly changing
temperatures for Hawaii listed on my phone and I have a difficult time
remembering that perfect weather. The weather that was stable and relatively
predictable. The weather I was used to and prepared for. The weather I had all
the clothes for. I can’t wait to get back to it. It is where we fit; where we
are supposed to be. Four short weeks; makes me feel all warm inside.

About nematomorph

Living like the rich and famous, splitting time between Hawaii and New York.
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