Making the Call

In the world of driving in bad weather, no one wants to be the one to
make the call. No one wants to be the one who says that the weather has gotten
so bad that it is time to turn around. No one wants to be responsible for
cancelling the trip and then finding out that it was wonderful weather. Joe and
I left East Marion yesterday around 11:30 a.m. in the driving rain to attend a
wedding reception deep in New Jersey. The further we got up island, the worse
the weather turned. We realized that we were seeing snow somewhere before
Nassau County but the real flakes showed up in Queens. We took a call from
another wedding attendee who began his trip in New Jersey. He told us that the
speed limit on the turnpike was officially lowered to 45 mph. That was when we
started having the discussion about turning back. Clearly, if we were
responsible for populating western states, they would have remained empty.

We got off the Expressway in Queens to find a diner since it was mid
afternoon and we were hungry. There is nothing like a real NY diner. Their
omelets are giant and have themes that I can live with, like Greek (tomato,
feta & onions.) Places in HI typically don’t have feta cheese at all and
may not know what it is (think Zippy’s). The giant omelet comes with hash
browns that are fried and crispy and not in a brick (think McDonalds). Then
because you need more carbs, you get two slices of toast doused in butter. The
coffee was magnificent. Super hot and strong. Just what was needed to sit and
watch the heavy wet flakes out the window. My only NY diner gripe is that you
can’t get rice with your eggs. I have been eating eggs and rice forever, even
before I moved to HI. If you try to order rice with your eggs in the diner, you
will likely end up with orzo pasta which was probably cooked in chicken broth.
I can forgive this for everything else that is right with a diner breakfast.

After dining at the diner we stopped in briefly to visit with Joe’s mom
who works in Queens. Then it was back on the road to drive home to East Marion.
There were many sad things about this. I did not get to wear my pretty fabulous
Donna Reed moment dress (with borrowed pearls) to the reception. I shaved my
overly grown, typically shaved by other people, body parts. I showed Chrissie
my smooth to me legs today and she leaned over and grabbed her giant container
of Vaseline lotion (conveniently located couch-side) and slathered it all over
my leg. Apparently my delicate HI acclimated skin is not happy with the cold NY
weather. Really, the worst part of it all is the lost Joe time. It was going to
be an opportunity to get out of dodge, dress up, drink too much, dance to bad
wedding music and pretend like we were still in college. We had even secured a
designated driver to shuttle us to and from the hotel. It was going to be stupid
fun and I was looking forward to it. Since being back in NY, one of the nicest
things about being here has been spending time with Joe. When I think of going
back to HI, the sadness about this is right there, very accessible. I tend to
think that this is because Joe is easy while the rest of this trip has been
harder. The “how it will be with Joe” part of my trip thinking may have been
the only part that turned out to be true. Maybe that is why I am mourning the
loss of my Joe infused weekend as my NY time is quickly coming to a close;
faster than I thought but slower than I could’ve imagined.

About nematomorph

Living like the rich and famous, splitting time between Hawaii and New York.
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