We (my son and I) vacated my mom’s house this weekend. It was supposed
to be for one night but turned into two nights. It was totally fun and I felt
mostly like myself for a change. It was a taste of what life in NY could be
life if it wasn’t like it is. Now I am back in the quiet as a mouse at eight
p.m. house. Kind of a bummer.

Friday night we had decided to visit Shinn Winery. It was their first
Friday being open from 5-8 p.m. Along with the offering of $5 glasses of some
of their wines; they also had a palm reader on hand. Since the winery is very
close to Chrissie’s house, we decided that my son and I would just sleep over
and Chrissie and I would go over to Shinn. The tasting room at Shinn is lovely;
all wooden and homey. If it had a fireplace it would be perfect. When we got
there, there were no open tables but we decided that tables are for sharing and
made two women share. The palm reader turned out to be wildly popular and at
one point the small room was packed. We opted out for fortune telling that
night but I would like to partake before I leave. Owner Barbara Shinn moved
easily among Friday night revelers in the tasting room. She is the kind of
person that you just like immediately; homey and engaging, very genuine. She
was so pleased at the turn out; she told us that she was afraid that she would
be alone in the tasting room frantically calling her friends to come over. The
North Fork is heading into the time of year when the only people out here are
those that have to be. While seemingly risky to begin an event in November, the
turnout demonstrates the desire by those living here to have someplace to go
and something to do. Plus, who doesn’t love a palm reader?

Saturday morning was family day at Chrissie’s house. Chrissie’s house
is an incredible house. It is old and wood and creaks and slants. I love it. After
coffee and bagels, Chrissie dragged out her extensive glitter collection (don’t
scoff!) and a giant zip loc bag of scallop shells from my mom’s beach. Her
husband drilled holes in a bunch of shells and we had a brief lesson on how to
apply glue & glitter. Then it was down to the business of making Christmas
ornaments. I have to admit that they looked better than I thought they would.
Even my son’s work turned out beautifully with random glue application and
various odd color pairings. The afternoon brought a basketball game in which
Chrissie’s daughter played (and won). The quarters were only seven minutes long
which was appreciated by everyone. Then on to a post-game winery visit to
Croteaux where they make sangria out of one of their pinks. They just opened an
indoor area for which we were grateful as all the tables in direct sunlight out
in the courtyard were occupied. Sated with sangria, we all headed back to
Chrissie’s house with my sister and Joe adding to our numbers for a hearty
Hawaii inspired dinner.

We left Chrissie’s house after seven to head over to Joe’s house. House
hopping was the order of the weekend. The entire sleeping over thing was
prompted by my son’s desire for a bath (we don’t have a tub at my mom’s house.)
Joe took him home to start his bath while I went by my house to drop my sister
and pick up some more clothes. My son loved the bath. At one point he laid out
in the entire thing, head submerged and just sighed contentedly. At Joe’s we
sleep in the extra bedroom together and he is such a bed hog. We ended up head
to head and I had to lie diagonally across the bed or I would have fallen off
the edge. Once he fell asleep Joe and I caught up on our DVR’ed shows (Top Chef
Just Desserts and the new Top Chef season). The morning brought Star Wars
pancakes and an extra hour of sleep as the clocks went back one hour. Not the ceremonially doing of my youth, as all the electronic devices just reset themselves. There
is no going around the house changing the time on everything; technology makes
it so that you hardly notice it. We headed up to my mom’s all day dog event.
She loves it when we come to these things. She likes to “show us off” and she
likes to make us watch. It was the perfect weather so it was difficult to
complain. Next we headed to the lunch truck to pick up food, home to eat and
back out to save my gloves from Croteaux (it is what happens when consuming too
much sangria). Joe ended up making a fire in his fireplace and then we all
snuggled on to the couch and started watching Aunt Mame (I swear.) Chinese take
out for dinner with my family ended the evening and I am back at the table with
my laptop in the dark and the cold.

The weekend was like the life that I would have liked to have lived the
entire time that I have been here. Spending too much money; drinking too much
wine; eating too much good food; hanging out. Maybe it is just ridiculous to think
that I could have lived like this for six months. Or maybe it is not the stuff,
the things we did, but the relaxed fluidity of the weekend. There is a constant
vibe of doing at my mom’s. There is definite guilt if you sit too long in one
place. It was nice to just go with the flow; to be a bit more bohemian; to bust
out of the rigidity; to be more like me; the real grown up me. I’m looking forward
to being that person again, very soon.

About nematomorph

Living like the rich and famous, splitting time between Hawaii and New York.
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