Screwed by the USPS

I hate the United States Postal Service. I haven’t always hated them.
It’s only been in the last six months, since I moved to New York. In the time that
we’ve been here we have had two packages go completely missing; we never
received them and they did not go back to the sender. One was full of
handwritten letters to my son from his classmates. I was livid about that one
so I called and complained. I did not go to the rinky dink office in my mom’s
teeny town and the headmistress was not happy with me when she had to call me
to tell me that there was nothing that could be done. And now, the luau
package, well on its way, was, for some reason, sent back to Honolulu after
being in North Carolina. So close in North Carolina.

My son’s last day in his NY second grade is next week Tuesday. We are
going to have a luau for his class with traditional foods from Hawaii including
chicken long rice, musubi and kalua pig (in the oven not the imu) on Thursday
of this week. Keanu put together a box filled with silly trinkets from the swap
meet for his classmates here and some harder to find ingredients like nori and
mochiko flour for mochi and mailed it out last Tuesday. We were all good, the
package hit North Carolina in plenty of time to get here except that for some
reason North Carolina sent it back to Hawaii. Keanu found out when he tracked
the package on the internet today. He went to the downtown post office but they
are not sure if it is really in Hawaii or if it got resent to North Carolina.
Either way, the chances of it arriving before Thursday is kind of slim. First I
cursed a lot. I told Keanu to make them take care of it and get his f*cking box
back. Then when I talked to him for the third time after he spoke to the HI
post office I went on a crying jag. I think that this is mostly due to PMS but
the thought of having to scramble and find substitutes for ingredients seemed
to be too much. I think the USPS is trying to ruin my son’s life. After that, I
gathered myself and started trying to plan to figure out what the hell I was
going to do.

First, email to Rick, former HI resident and sushi guy. If he can’t get
me nori, no one can. He may also be able to get some rice flour for the mochi.
I will use substitute noodles for the long rice and I think that is OK. The haupia
and faux kalua pig are good to go. I will be sad that we won’t have silly fake
lei for the kids and stuff to hand out from Hawaii but I know that we will have
it before the last day of class next week. Maybe it will be fun to wait till
then and his class can wear their lei to the school’s Thanksgiving feast and
really stand out.

It seems silly but our emotions are already running high so any kinks
in the plan tend to lead to extreme overreaction. Thinking about actually seeing
Keanu for the first time in six months is not something I can describe.
Thinking about having him see our son for the first time in six months *sigh*
there are no words. So my missing package crushed me today for a while. I am
feeling better now though and have put alternate plans into effect. Hopefully
it will all go well and my substitutions are not such that they remove the food
too much from what it is supposed to be. I know that most of the people eating
it won’t know, but I will. So I will try to make do with what is here and hope
that I can create a little bit of home. It’s what I do.

About nematomorph

Living like the rich and famous, splitting time between Hawaii and New York.
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2 Responses to Screwed by the USPS

  1. RobynT says:

    ugh! i always thought if you paid for tracking it wouldn’t get lost! *sigh* anyway i’ve found that usps service really varies from place to place. i never had problems in hawai’i, but i’ve had friends in chicago who say you need to track the package for it to get to them.

    • nematomorph says:

      yeah, I don’t know what the mail deal is here. but the fiasco with this latest package makes me think my other packages were rerouted in North Carolina for some reason as well. The tracking at least lets you know that it is lost. You’d think that with the constant seemingly impending demise of the USPS they would step up their game.

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