I love Thanksgiving. It is my favorite holiday. I love that I get to choose who I will have it with. I love that I always have vegetarian Thanksgiving that is full of food that you would eat at a traditional Thanksgiving but vegetarian (no butternut squash lasagna). I really love my stuffing. I love that today we passed off my first attempt at making vegetarian gravy as a meat-based one to the bird eaters at the meal and they didn’t seem to notice at all.

Thanksgiving is great because the only stressor is the food making. There is no present buying, wrapping and delivering. It is just ensuring that everyone has the food that they need so that they have a good holiday. I have stuffing control issues so I drag out the old Betty Crocker cookbook every year and make tons of it, seriously tons. It was really funny this year because Thanksgiving was at Joe’s house and Joe’s Mom has a stuffing thing too. She needs to have her stuffing which is also vegetarian but has foreign things in it like celery and mushrooms. Don’t get me wrong, it was tasty, but I don’t want anything in my stuffing. No nuts, berries, or bits of meat. So of course we had more stuffing than we could eat. Joe said that what we will do tomorrow is make the stuffing into patties and fry them up. This sounds delicious to me. We also ate at a more regular Thanksgiving time this year. Usually we do double Thanksgiving. First we head to Keanu’s parent’s house for a birdy meal and then we do a late veggie Thanksgiving.

I was thinking about how I had gotten my palm read a couple of weeks ago. They have palm reading Friday nights at Shinn winery. I passed the first week but got myself on the list the next week. The tasting room is comfortable, small and always seems dark to me. The palm reader sat against the window in the corner. When it was my turn, the last person of the evening, she had me sit across from her and gave me a deck of tarot cards that she had me shuffle and choose ten cards out of. Then she took my hand, very gently in hers and traced the lines on it. She said that I am at a crossroads; that I have a lot of support, guardians approving of the choices I have made; that I need to make decisions that have me in them. To not choose the comfortable way but make the choices based on what I want. She used an analogy about shoes; comfortable v. snazzy. She said the next year exactly to the day will be important. The date of the reading was 11/11/11. She said that it was a strong day.

So she gives me this framework scenario that I keep trying to place on different parts of my life. Is this about my career? My relationship? Something else? The same thing she says to everyone? It is hard to know. Like trying on a shirt with different pants to see if it looks right. Telling me to take control of it all like I take control of Thanksgiving. I will keep that in the back of my mind, the crossroads; the shoes; the story. Maybe one day the framework will fit perfectly.

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1 Response to Thankfulness

  1. mauka-makai says:

    I think you are happy at thanksgiving. That is when we became friends, you invited me to vegetarian thanksgiving. I like when you take control, good things happen. Perhaps you had 6 months of being in your mom’s house, with less personal control over how you spent your time etc, so that you could emerge, as if from a chrysalis, ready to fly to a destination of your choosing.

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