First Days

After what felt like close to forever, my six year old son and I finally arrived back in Hawaii. Our flights back were exceedingly unpleasant (the usual dirty, crowded planes, turbulence and Keanu had a stomach virus that kicked in on the flight). Coming home to our small Makiki apartment felt like a sort of victory. After decompressing for a bit, my son and I ran up to his school to lessen the shock factor he will be facing on Monday morning. He was really nervous about going to the school. I had to talk him into it. We both had butterflies as we walked in the tunnel that runs from the temple side to the school under the Pali Highway. Everyone welcomed us with open arms and wide smiles. One of my son’s preschool buddies going to his school for the first time this year put his arm around my son and told the teacher that they were friends in Rainbow Preschool. Shortly after, my son was running around with all of the kids. I kept hearing his name being called out in shocked tones since he has been gone for six months. It was really nice to feel like we were coming back to family.

One unexpected happiness that I have had since returning is driving my car. It sounds so silly but I slid into the seat (Keanu has armor alled and waxed the hell out of that thing since I’ve been gone) and it was absolutely liberating. While I was in NY my Mom always offered to let me use her car but it was around her schedule, it was when it was free, it was on her time, it was not mine. I had better luck with Joe’s car, an Audi convertible, but he uses it quite frequently and as fun as it was to drive it is not as fun to drive as my Fit. Keanu says that is because the Fit is mine. I can take it whenever I want and not have to ask anyone. I can just get in it and drive away (you know, as long as my six year old isn’t alone.) I can turn up the music loud and sing at the top of my lungs to Maroon Five. I can zip through traffic because that is what orange cars do, they zip.

I hated not being able to get myself around when I was in NY. My mom gave me grief about staying out, this despite the fact that the entire house was silent at about 8:30 every night (we actually had a fight about this where I accused her of wanting to implant a GPS device in me so she would know where I was every moment of the day. I am relatively certain she had no idea what I was talking about). So that meant I was hunkered down watching Netflix at the kitchen table with my earbuds on or blogging or doing some other silent thing come 8:30 every evening. Originally I had thought that I would be able to do Insanity when everyone went to sleep but due to the small size of the house and the fact that things were falling off of every shelf when I tried to do it, that was not going to happen.  I was stuck being sedentary and quiet relatively early. As completely annoyed as I was about the entire thing, I have to admit that if things had not been the way that they were, it is unlikely that I would have become a compulsive blogger. It is something that I felt compelled to do, it was not a chore and it was very unlike me.  Now with the world of TV at my fingertips, I am concerned that the gaps of time I had before will be filled with more mundane and mindless things. Indeed with all of the distractions offered by the TV (I did just watch Work of Art on demand), I hope that I will be able to continue writing with the same desire as I did in NY. After Work of Art ended, I was flipping around, completely distracted from writing. It was then that I remembered something that I always tell Keanu, the TV has an off button. So I went ahead and used it.

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Living like the rich and famous, splitting time between Hawaii and New York.
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  1. Florence says:

    So glad you’re going to try to continue to blog. I really enjoy reading your blogs. I still say you should someday write a book. You’re really good.

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