My last blog post was a bit of a bitch session regarding potential jury duty and the stomach flu going around my family. Since that posting that post I feel a bit embarrassed about it, embarrassed for kvetching about these manini issues in my life. Embarrassed because in the grand scheme of life, disease and true sorrow, I should just shut the f*ck up. After that woe-is-me post, so many of my friends, from all parts of the globe commented. I received kind words from Maryland, Hawaii, New York and North Carolina and these words and the people behind them brought a smile to my face.

Then this sort of amazing, only in this day and age kind of thing started happening in the comment section. Beyond just commenting, my wonderful friends from all over started reaching out to each other. I had a friend in Hawaii offering to babysit my friend in Mongolia’s newborn daughter. The Hawaii friend read that the Mongolia friend’s mom had just been diagnosed with liver cancer. The Hawaii friend’s mom recently passed away from liver cancer and wanted to reach out to help her. It doesn’t get better than that and I wish that we were all close enough to lend a hand. I had my formerly of Hawaii now of North Carolina friend reaching out to my godmother in NY, who I had the great fortune to reconnect with while I was there. There was a desire to discuss a shared connection regarding Vancouver.

I love this crew of folks who follow me around online. They visit my Facebook page. They read my blog (thank you, thank you, thank you). They mostly exist in the ether. They don’t know each other at all. I don’t see very many of them in real life. I love that they all share these common traits of deep down goodness and a willingness to reach out and lend a hand. I really like them and appreciate them and I hope that they know it. I hope that those facing dark times take solace in the cadre of folks floating around the internet who are thinking about them, pulling for them and wishing that there was more that they could do for them. You may never meet in real life but if you did, I am certain that they would give you a hug.

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Living like the rich and famous, splitting time between Hawaii and New York.
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2 Responses to Threads

  1. lavagal says:

    Isn’t it? What an interesting age we live in!

  2. Florence Olson says:

    Don’t beat yourself up too much about your Lemons post. You were tired from travelling endlessly, excited about being back, and reconnecting as a family and trying to get everything in order with the universe (so you thought) fighting you (viruses,etc.). Anyway life is coming back to order for your family and you’ll do what is necessary to make yourself centered. Continue to blog, I love it. I wish I had your talent for writing. In my thoughts love Florence.

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