Trying for Normalcy

I am still recovering from the stomach flu and despite not feeling 100%, I decided today to pretend that I am OK. I thought that maybe if I did what I would normally do that my body would sort of catch up with the program. Today was my son’s winter program at school. His class was singing two songs. Since he has only been back at school for about four days, he did not know them. Despite this, his teacher, bless her soul, tried to convince him and the music teacher (she said he couldn’t be in the program, what’s up with that?) that he should at least stand in the back of the class and mouth the words during the program. He decided that instead he would be happy to be the teacher’s helper; he was not enthusiastic about being on the stage. He stood off to the side while his class performed their two Christmas songs (note: why living in Hawaii is cool: the program included a taiko drum performance). It is nice to be back at the school. Everyone is excited to see us and my son has been welcomed with open arms back into his classroom.

I was nervous about how he would acclimate with regards to the work that was being done, specifically the math. His class in Hawaii had already gone over borrowing and carrying numbers which he has not yet learned. He came home with some math homework the other night that involved columnar addition and subtraction with borrowing and carrying. We muddled through it but with much consternation. He came home with the same kind of homework yesterday which he had completed at school, on his own, almost entirely correctly. There was no work shown demonstrating how he had done it. I was initially concerned that he had maybe worked with someone else so I just had to ask him. Turned out that he had written a number line that went up to one hundred on the inside back cover of his workbook. Ingenious for sure but increasingly impractical when he starts to add numbers that exceed one hundred. His teacher got a good laugh over this and told us that he wasn’t supposed to be doing that homework. She was working with him to catch him up on that. They are starting time next week which is good because he will be doing the same work as everyone else. He hates not being on the same page as his classmates.

I had to run around this morning to get in some documentation to the court requesting that I be deferred from serving on jury duty at this time. I wanted to include the letter that my job provided stating that I was being offered a position and when it would start; initially the same day as jury duty. I understand how my son felt going back to school the first day because I felt the same way going to my old and soon to be new office to pick up the paperwork. I really wanted to be all stealthy and not see or speak to anyone; so nice me, eh? I hustled into the employment office and only had to contend with the folks there until this lovely, lovely woman who works in customer service tailed me in as she had spied me in my sneak. She was absolutely wonderful and gave me a warm and welcoming hug back. I, of course, did not remember her name till we almost parted (I was glad that I did eventually though; sorry Kristl!) She was the only person who I saw and I was able to get in and out with my paperwork. I delivered it to the court and truly hope that they defer my time on the jury.

I also decided to make my way to the mall. My son’s seventh birthday is next week Sunday and we have done no preparations. I figured since I was there I should avail myself of the childless time I was having and visit the Lego store. We are in a bit of a Harry Potter phase and have the set that makes the Knight Bus. I picked up a couple more sets, one for his birthday and one for Christmas. I also made my way to Macy’s to buy some underwear. The state of my underwear is very, very sad and now that someone might see it, I figured I’d better get rid of the ones that were more hole than fabric. While underwear shopping my fabulous friend Stephanie, who is from here but currently lives in San Fran, called me. She is heading back on Sunday so of course we haven’t seen each other yet. We have a plan now though. Vegan lunch tomorrow. I am excited. I love to be able to eat anything on the menu. It is such a joy. I suggested Peace Café but we are not yet decided on a location. I will likely spend the weekend getting my ducks in a row and preparing to re-enter the normal world of work and craziness again. Laundry and meal preparation, scheduling and child pick up and drop off. We have been so anything but normal for the past six months that I think we will all welcome a bit of getting back into the old grind. It is what we know. It is what we are good at. It is what pays our bills. It is what we do and right now, I could use a bit of normalcy; or what passes for such at my house.

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  1. pebbles0329 says:

    Good luck on normalcy. I’m sure you’ll do fine. Glad you’re starting to feel better. Think I’m coming down with something. Feel a little squimish in the stomach area. Praying it’s not so…

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