We have been back in Hawaii less than a month but part of me feels like I never left. Many, many things are the same; where we live; my job and my fun and freedom-giving little orange car. Now I have to admit that I am generally a complainer. I accuse my son of being the same way but he clearly got it from someplace. If something is wrong you will likely know it but if things are good or better than good, well, you may not hear it from me – ever. For example, Keanu had put all of my loose recipes into a binder while I was gone. It is sheer genius. They are all right there. I know where they are; easily accessible. It is great. I really appreciated it and I told him so. His first reaction was to ask if I was being sarcastic. Ouch! What does that say about me that when I am sincerely thankful, he can’t even believe that I can act in that fashion? I obviously need some more practice at this nice stuff.

Since we have been home, I had been hopeful that Keanu would spend more time with our son. That he would do more things with him when we were home together. I always felt like we would come home on the weekdays and I would cook dinner and Keanu would go on the computer and our son would play with his toys or finish up his homework. Like magnets with the same polarity; I didn’t like it. I encouraged Keanu to spend more time interacting with him but it seemed to not happen often enough for my liking. This weekend on Sunday, I went for a run around our neighborhood. I left the two of them alone and assumed that when I came back they would be plopped in front of the television. Imagine my surprise and delight to come home to find them playing Don’t Break the Ice. It was totally great and our son was laughing his butt off as he cheated his way to victory over his Dad (not that we encourage cheating but it was his birthday and he kept playing the birthday card.) Tonight Keanu helped him assemble his Doctor Dreadful toy he got for his birthday (it is just a big zombie head that you mix your nasty edible stuff in and then it pours out of him….like the zombie vomit they made tonight.) They managed to do the entire thing from assembly to mixing and making their concoction. Two thumbs up for the very Daddy, Daddy activities.

The other thing that is pretty nice is that Keanu has been doing the dishes in the evening after we eat dinner. It is such a pet peeve of mine. Aside from the fact that the stuff in the sink attracts some of my favorite Hawaii insects, it is just gross. I hate waking up and going into the kitchen to fix some sort of breakfast and having to move stacks of dirty bowls and stuff out of the way. He used to just say, “leave it, I’ll do it” but that meant at some later time; not necessarily that evening. These days when he says that, he really means it. It is nice and makes our teeny apartment feel much more in harmony. I appreciate the fact that he is really trying to not fall back into old bad habits. I know that change is difficult and takes work. I know that sometimes he feels that being a Dad is something that he needs to work at. I also know that he is full of love for his son and not having him around for six months was almost too much to bear. But we are together again.  Being together and feeling more like a family than ever; it doesn’t get much better than that.

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Living like the rich and famous, splitting time between Hawaii and New York.
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