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Save the Humans

Today while I was driving to work, NPR had a story on about giant stick bugs. It told about how the bugs had all been eaten up at some point in the past when a ship sank and rats from … Continue reading

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Money Committees

Anyone who is involved in the legislative process at the state level in Hawaii is anxiously awaiting one of the first very large internal deadlines this coming Friday. It is known as first decking. It is a time when bills … Continue reading

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Hair Don’t

I was thinking this afternoon the incongruity that exists in my life sometimes. Last night I headed over to the Kahala Mandarin (or whatever it is called now) to go see the best hairdresser on Oahu at Salon Reve. She … Continue reading

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Lately my significant other (aka Dad) keeps on saying that he wishes that our son and I “could just get along” and that he doesn’t want us to fight. He gets mad at me and the seven year old when … Continue reading

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Hipster Sighting

When I was in NY we spent a day in Brooklyn. It was so super fun and so hip it hurt. I loved it. I loved the scene, the people, the art, the food, the neighborhoods with cool shops. All … Continue reading

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Taking it for Granted

For some reason yesterday I was thinking about the house that I lived in when I was in Thailand. It was the only time in my life that I lived in a house on my own. I loved my house. … Continue reading

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So after my stint in New York that involved a lot of low level & low pay work, loads of cooking, much running, lots of time with dogs and catching up on my reading; life in Hawaii is very, very … Continue reading

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