So after a long, long time of free-for-all eating, I finally decided to get a hold of my diet before it really spiraled out of control. For the record, my weight loss program of choice is Weight Watchers. I have been in and out of membership since I could drive. After my pregnancy, once I had stopped breastfeeding, the weight just piled back on. I remember I had to go to a fellow classmate’s house in Mililani one weekend to work on our capstone project and I could not find anything to wear because nothing fit me. I ended up wearing these green Capri sweatpants (there are so many things wrong with that statement). They were the kind of pants that I would generally not wear out of the house. They were the only things that I could get on and they were snug. I was miserable. 

I found out that Watchers meetings were being held at work which was very, very convenient for me so I decided to join up once again. I like the flexibility in the program. You can basically eat whatever you want as long as you stay within the parameters of your allotted points. After a while I could pretty much figure out the points for most foods. Between the system and my regular workouts, including P90X, I lost a bunch of weight. I felt good. I felt fit. I met my goal weight. It was nice. 

Once you meet your goal weight, you only are required to go and get weighed in once a month. For me this lack of accountability made me mostly drop the program; not count my points. I was able to hang on for a while but I started to feel jiggly in places and although my clothes fit, they didn’t fit the same. I definitely needed to do something. So because right now, until the end of February, you can join Weight Watchers with no registration fee, I decided to go for it. Since last I was really counting points, they changed the system. It has been a rough road to acclimate to a completely new calculation. Everything is more points now, so even though you get more, it doesn’t go as far. I have been struggling to figure out what to eat (lots of fruit, it is zero points) and it has made me crabby. The first few days were especially trying. Since then I have discovered some low point foods that make me happy (vegetarian hot dogs) and don’t feel completely on edge. That is a good thing. It helps that my son has been the perfect kid for the past four days. I think it is because he got punished for two days last week for his smart mouth. He has really, really been trying, just like me. I appreciate it more than I can tell him; probably more than he could comprehend. We are both evened out at this point and working together; as it should be.

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