Hipster Sighting

When I was in NY we spent a day in Brooklyn. It was so super fun and so hip it hurt. I loved it. I loved the scene, the people, the art, the food, the neighborhoods with cool shops. All of this in one afternoon. Inevitably I think about what is going on in Hawaii and I am hard pressed to find the same kind of scene here. Of course, it could just be me. I am not in the cool demographic anymore….if I ever was. But today there was coolness, hipness and magic taking place down in Kakaako where this sliver of Honolulu was turned into a haven for artists.

At some point in my social media musings this week, I came across a link to Pow Wow Hawaii. Apparently, this had taken place, unbeknownst to me last year and was back again. A bunch of artists, some from as far away as England, would be descending on the Kakaako area and painting the walls of local buildings with murals. If you have ever been down in that area, it is an odd mix of great bagels, elderly housing, homeless people in the park, gourmet hotdogs, office supplies, bicycles and car repair places. I visited Pow Wow’s site and it planted a worm in my brain that made me want to just go down there. There potentially was some kid friendly things going on at some point but really, I just wanted to go. I wanted to see it. I wanted to support it.

Come Friday, a long week, we are all tired but the thought of just going home like a regular weekday; I just couldn’t do it. I phoned home. I told the boys we should go. There was major opposition from the seven year old who complained that he had had a busy day at school and he was tired of having to do everything that I wanted and how he “wanted his own life.” Yes, seven. We drove down to Kakaako and cruised past some of the murals in progress. When the seven year old saw what was going on, he actually asked that we get out of the car and walk around. Success!

I loved it. The different murals, viewpoints, artists’ style….the subjects were impressive, inspiring, beautiful, colorful and transformed the neighborhood. I only wish that there had been more people there to see, to watch, participate and support. There were guys on ladders and scaffolding, paint cans and spray paint cans scattered about each site. The seven year old was intrigued, interested and had opinions on what he liked the most (the giant green bird). We all found something there tonight that touched us and in the end it was less about the scene but more about the art. As it should be.

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1 Response to Hipster Sighting

  1. mauka-makai says:

    Having only one kid, I am often fascinated by the personalities of other kids and the relationships that other parents have with their kids. I can’t really imagine N saying No to a family outing, but on second thought, he does not prefer the art museum. And I can see why, everything in an art museum is something that you can’t touch!

    The pow wow you went to was all about making art and being able to participate in the process by being there, like observing the birth of art. So much more accessible than just “looking” at art, hanging on a white wall, while being told to be quiet and not to touch anything.

    How is it that we consider ourselves to be an advanced civilization, but we have yet to find a way to engage kids in art museums?

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