Today I had to take the 7 year old to get a cavity filled. It kills me that he has one already. I didn’t have any till I was over forty. That’s the difference fluoridated water makes. NY has; HI doesn’t. I am always rushing around to get him to the dentist. I’m not sure why I insist on taking him during lunch. I take him during lunch but then he misses lunch at school and I have to get him lunch. I decided to get him a bento today before I went to get him at school. To show you how often I buy bentos, I had to ask Keanu where to go to even buy one. He told me Zippy’s. That worked.

So armed with a bento I picked up the kid at school and we got to the dentist’s office about ten minutes prior to our appointment. I told him to cram some food in his face since I wasn’t sure how long he would have to wait before he could eat after leaving the dentist. Possibly the best decision of the day. We go into the building and find out that for some reason the elevators are not working. None of them. The dentist office is on the 10th floor. This doesn’t bother me in any way. We considered walking but the elevator guy was there and he said that he had one working and that it was coming and that we could take it. I still considered walking. I felt like we were going to be elevator guinea pigs. Luckily we got to 10 with no problems. We found out later that the dentist’s first patient of the day had actually gotten stuck in the elevator on the way up. I’m glad that wasn’t us.

I am the kind of person who wants to know what is going on. I want to know what the doctor is planning on doing, what they are doing when they do it. I want to know. The dentist just came on in and got to work on my son’s mouth without a word about what was going to happen. I was going to ask but then I thought that maybe it would make my son nervous so I didn’t. What I saw was freaking me out. There was gauze, weird instruments to hold my son’s mouth open, a big old needle that looked like it was being jammed into his gums, there was drilling and some weird glowing instrument (fixing the filling?) At one point I felt like he was upset so I scooted my chair forward and sort of took his hand. I was thinking that he would grasp it. He didn’t. I thought I was being comforting. Think again Mom. Clearly I was way more traumatized today about what was going on than he was. He told me afterwards that he felt no pain. He thought it went really well. He handled it like a champ. Obviously the hand holding was more for me than for him. I know I am just a big wuss. I know that this really was nothing. When I was relaying this story to someone, they told me that my son’s reaction was the exact one that you would want and that I must be doing something right. I’m not sure. I hope that’s true. I do know that I will always take the cautious road and grab that hand, even if I believe it is more for me than him.

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  1. Tell ‘aukai I miss him and I can’t wait till you guys get here so we can have a guys day. And Dad can come this time!

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