No Joy

Today was the last day of the legislative session. I have to admit that it was a rough one. It doesn’t help that for me, I tend to take it personally. I get emotionally involved. My feelings get hurt. I can’t help it. Of course it was one of those sessions where it goes right down to the wire. Truthfully, everyone is out there advocating for their issue and whatever their stance is, they think that they are right. That whatever their stance is, it is the one that everyone should listen to.  And believe me, I understand that. I understand it; I can appreciate and respect that. Appreciate and respect it but it can really wear on a person.

I had visions of the folks on the opposite side of my issue thinking that those of us not agreeing with them were dancing joyous dances today, fist bumping and engaging in other celebratory behavior. I, for one, can say that there is no joy for me as session ends today. I have no desire to celebrate as if something has been won. I do not feel that anything has been won. I feel as if we all survived to fight another day. That legislation dies but the issue won’t.

So sine die and instead of joy I felt more like tears. Not tears of relief exactly. Not tears of joy for sure. Maybe they were for the realization that session may be over but the issues, the environment, the factions and the hard feelings will remain. Setting the stage for what is to come. Paving the way for a rocky future indeed. And not one that I am looking forward to.

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